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News hardware & software 13 October 2021, 22:53

author: Jacob Blazewicz

Windows 11 Slows Down Ryzens Even More; New Updates on the Way

Windows 11 has received its first update. However, it one didn't fix the bug slowing down Ryzen CPUs. Quite the contrary.

The first week of Windows 11 was not without problems - especially for owners of AMD hardware. Already at the premiere it turned out that Microsoft's new system runs noticeably worse on Ryzen processors than on Intel components. Of course, both companies are already working on a solution, but so far the only effect is... further slowing down of AMD CPUs by the first W11 update.

For context (via TechPowerUp): with the Ryzen 7 2700X, the debut version of the system almost doubled the latency of the L3 cache, i.e. from 10 to 17 nanoseconds. Unfortunately, the freshly released Windows 11 update does the same thing - after the installation, the latency approaches 32 ns. It's easy to guess how this translates into performance - Ryzens lose up to 15% of power in games.

Fortunately, we probably won't have to wait too long for a fix. AMD and Microsoft have reportedly already resolved the issues with LC3 memory and CPPC drivers, and have announced dates for releasing updates introducing those fixes (reported by Wccftech). The first of the aforementioned inconveniences is to be eliminated on October 19 thanks to Windows Update patch 10C, the second - two days later with a new version of AMD drivers.

  1. Microsoft - official homepage
  2. AMD - official homepage
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