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Resident Evil 4 Remake Guide by

Resident Evil 4 Remake Guide

Table of Contents

Resident Evil 4 Remake: List of puzzles Resident Evil 4 Remake - guide, tips

RE4 Remake contains numerous puzzles and on this page of the guide you will find a list of puzzles - these include the Ashley clock puzzle, the knobs puzzle in the church, the terminals puzzle on the island and the Combination Lock puzzle in the Village Chief's Manor in the village.

Last update: 05 April 2023

The characteristic trait of Resident Evil games are puzzles which are in abundance in each game of the series - Resident Evil 4 Remake is no different. On this page of our guide, you can find a list of all puzzles appearing in the game, both mandatory and optional (optional puzzles are those that don't have to be completed in order to push the plot forward and may lead to optional treasure e.g. Stone Pedestal and Hexagon Pieces puzzles).

Solutions to all puzzles

  1. All Combination Locks - look here for solutions to Combination Lock puzzles and all terminal puzzles (Island).
  2. Hexagonal Emblem - here we described the Hexagon-shaped Slot puzzle from Chapter 2 and show how and where to obtain the Hexagonal Emblem in Village.
  3. Village Chief's Manor - There are solutions to 2 mansion puzzles in chapter 2: Combination Lock and Crystal Marble (locked door on the first floor).
  4. Church Key - The page describes 2 larger puzzles from chapter 4: Stone Dais in Large Cave Shrine and Small Cave Shrine. By solving it, you will get a key in the Mural Cave.
  5. Dials and stained glass in the church - From our walkthrough, you will learn how to use Dials in the church and how to assemble stained glass window.
  6. Swords in the Treasury - Our guide describes the puzzle from chapter 7. You will learn how to get all 4 swords and how to properly place them in Four Images.
  7. Binders - This page is about the location from chapter 8, where you must find Lithographic Stones and correctly place them in the slots on the door.
  8. Dining Hall chairs - Our walkthrough suggests where Ashley and Leon have to sit at the dining hall table in chapter 9. You will obtain the Serpent Head.
  9. Grandfather Clock - on this page, you can find the solutions for the Grandfather Clock puzzle in Chapter 9 (Ashley). You will learn how to read and set the correct time.
  10. Salazar Family Insignia - This is the mausoleum puzzle from chapter 9. Ashley needs to properly set up 3 lamps in the location with the tomb of the Salazar family.
  11. Terminal in Dissection - this puzzle appears in Chapter 13 (Island). View the page to learn how to activate Electronic Lock Terminal in Dissection and how to create correct connections on the mini-game screen.
  12. Terminal in Freezer - This is an optional puzzle from chapter 13. We explain how to restore power supply and unlock access to SMG LE5 weapon.
  13. Wrench in Incubation Lab - we explain how and where to get the Wrench in Chapter 13 so Leon can unlock the Overwrite Terminal in Incubation Lab.
  14. Terminal in Waste Disposal - this is a puzzle in Chapter 14 that requires cooperation with Ashley.
  15. Hexagon Pieces - an optional puzzle in Village that involves the Stone Pedestal and 3 Hexagon Piece artifacts. We've supplied solutions of it for each difficulty level.
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