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The Surge 2 Guide

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Walkthrough tips and missions list of The Surge 2 The Surge 2 guide, walkthrough

Last update: 25 September 2019

The Surge 2 is a difficult, dynamic game, but with simple mechanics offering different combat styles as a main feature. The plot of the game is almost totally linear, but it offers some freedom in exploration and the possibility of making small choices. It consists mainly of three activities:

  1. Fight against weak opponents on the map to gain scrap (experience and "currency", sometimes new patterns or weapons)
  2. Boss battles - they are very numerous in the later phase of the game and have unique features. There are also optional bosses, so if you meet a difficult boss, you don't always have to fight him - maybe it's not an objective.
  3. Equipment management This is an important step, as acquiring materials is time-consuming and some decisions concerning core improvements cannot be undone. Implants found on the map may also be unnoticed by the player, which affects the gameplay styles associated with a variety of equipment.

In The Surge 2 you will find scrap metal and schematics that you process into equipment during your exploration. Below we present some practical tips for casual players:

  1. Try to eliminate your opponents with effective combos while fighting them - keep them under pressure. Depending on the weapon you have, the fighting style and combos may vary.
  2. Always keep track of your opponent and try to hit him on the weakest unarmored spot, illuminated in blue. Once you've learned the combos with your weapon (direction of blows), you'll be able to make more effective use of sensitive spots of your enemy. Targeting is not enough: still, if your opponent's right leg is exposed and you are standing on the left side of the opponent, the uncovered part is out of your reach and the enemy does not take increased damage.
  3. Always try to finish the battle with finishers (finishing blows). When one of the limbs takes enough damage, it will be cut off. This way you eliminate the enemy faster (the limb gives up faster than the overall stamina bar). In addition, you get more scrap for finishers, and if a body part is covered, or if you attack the hand holding a weapon, you will unlock new items, patterns or parts for upgrades.
  4. When you approach an unaware enemy from behind (by holding Q key), you can launch a surprise attack by pressing the basic attack button. The enemy will be a little more vulnerable to attack and become motionless for a while.
  5. If you are irritated by frequent animations during finishing blows, you can reduce their frequency or turn them off completely in the game options.
  6. Sharp blades are better at cutting off limbs than maces or mutual weapons.
  7. You can move freely between locations. You have the opportunity to return to every region you have been to. However, you do not have the possibility to use fast travel, you can only unlock some shortcuts.
Fighting bosses in The Surge 2 is quite a challenge - Walkthrough tips and missions list of The Surge 2 - Main story - The Surge 2 Guide

Combat with bosses

Fighting bosses in The Surge 2 is quite a challenge. The bosses are very numerous, but not all of them have to be defeated. You eliminate these opponents only once: you have no possibility to play such a duel again.

  1. Before fighting bosses, it's a good idea to recharge your batteries on weak enemies, especially if you have an implant that supports the battery before it discharges,
  2. Always deposit your scrap at MedBay before you fight a boss (if you're aware of the upcoming battle - sometimes you'll run into the arena by accident),
  3. Analyze your boss's combat style: Find out which attacks you can avoid and identify your opponent's weak spots and unarmored elements.
  4. If you have to die and you have tech scrap metal, try to drop it at the entrance to the arena.
  5. If you can't handle a boss, try to choose different equipment and weapons by changing the style of play; also choose the right implants (what you can do outside of MedBay).

In many cases it is useful to use weapons with a long distance or that allow you to quickly jump on your opponent. The ability to make quick dodges and instant counter attacks is a key tactic against bosses. If your opponents are humanoids, it's a good idea to recognize their attack sequence, move away at a certain distance and launch the attack just after the opponent's combo is over.

Main quests and missions list

Main missions in The Surge 2 allow you to unlock new locations, regions and features of the game. They also change the layout of the world, by changing the location of some elements or raising the level of enemies in certain areas. If you do not know what to do next in the mission, open Inventory (I key) and check the journal. It is worth listening to messages and dialogues during meetings with main story' NPCs, as they often provide valuable tips and explain more precisely how to get to new a location during a specific mission.

  1. Escape from Detention
  2. Jericho Seaside Court
  3. Port Nixon - The Drug Lord
  4. Cloud9 - The Way Of The Hunter
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