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Total War Troy Guide

Table of Contents

Total War Troy: Achilles guide - bonuses, faction units, builds Total War Troy guide, tips

Last update: 02 September 2020

This chapter of the guide focuses on Achilles, one of the epic heroes in Total War Saga Troy. What is the character's specialty, for whom he will be the best choice, what bonuses he has, and what unique faction units he can recruit.

Achilles (Leader of Myrmidons) is an Epic Fighter who leads the Phthia faction. Achilles is an offensive warrior who is always in the center of the fight. However, he is plagued by conflicting emotions. He often switches between feelings of rage (increases the strength of the army at the expense of reducing the efficiency of the economy), grief (a bonus to divine will and experience at the expense of faction satisfaction) and outrage (increased efficiency of the economy, a bonus to the faction's satisfaction, but at the expense of the chances of concluding diplomatic agreements). Achilles' emotions that affect the entire faction. Because of his temperament and unpredictability, Achilles is the perfect hero for those who like to take a risk.

Achilles has a melee bonus - all units under your command will receive a +4 during the attack - Total War Troy: Achilles guide - bonuses, faction units, builds - Heroes - Total War Troy Guide

Achilles - bonuses

Achilles has a melee bonus - all units under your command will receive a +4 during the attack. Moreover, when fighting in the local province, enemy armies will receive a -5% morale debuff, making them slightly easier to defeat.

Achilles - unique faction units

The units led by Achilles are extremely fast, efficient, and versatile - this helps them adapt to the current situation on the battlefield. It is also worth noting that Achilles' faction can recruit far more unique troops than other factions.

  1. Thessalian Marines - a light unit with two-handed spears. They specialize in charging at enemies. Thanks to their speed they are extremely effective in attacking from a flank;
  2. Aeginian Runners - a light unit with a shield, a one-handed sword, and special throwing weapons. They specialize in attacking from a flank. Thanks to their shields they are able to protect themselves from arrows;
  3. Pelagic Thessalians - a medium infantry unit that uses two-handed spears in combat. They can sneak and perform devastating attacks. They are also capable of attacking from a flank;
  4. Myrmidon Swordsmen - a medium unit that fights with a sword and shield. They have solid armor and are invulnerable to flank attacks;
  5. Spear-fighting Myrmidons - a medium unit equipped with a spear and shield. These warriors possess a high armor value, as well as the ability to switch a weapon to shield. This is another unit that is invulnerable to flank attacks;
  6. Aeginian Javelinmen - a light infantry unit with javelins and shields. Javelin throwers are very fast and able to break through opponents' shields.

Character development

During the course of a Total War Troy campaign, your character will gain experience points, advance to higher levels, and consequently receive skill points, which can be spent on additional skills and specializations. The following is a list of Achilles ' skills that may be useful during the course of this hero's campaign.

  1. Level 2: Blood of Heracles with Speed specialization - with this skill you will increase the chance of hitting your opponent in melee combat by 100%. Speed further increases the hero's mobility which is extremely useful when chasing enemy units;
  2. Level 3: Armed by Hephaestus - greatly increases the damage done by the hero in melee combat;
  3. Level 4: Disciple of Ares with Melee specialization - a very large bonus to charges for units in Achilles ' Army. Melee further increases this bonus for shield-equipped infantry units, which make up the bulk of this hero's special units;
  4. Level 5: Disciplinarian with Replenishment specialization - increases the gains made from looting by 35% and further accelerates the process of replenishing losses in the individual units;
  5. Level 6: Zeus' Wrath with Morale specialization - a long-range skill that deprives the opponent of 50% of his armor and, thanks to specialization, further lowers his morale;
  6. Level 7: Bloodthirst with Battle specialization - the protagonist begins to passively gain rage points and also quickly regenerate rage during the battle;
  7. Level 8: Prayer to Athena with Sword specialization - increases the melee defense for all units, and thanks to the specialization, swordsmen units will gain an even greater bonus;
  8. Level 9: Stalwart with Line of Sight & Resistance specializations - a skill that can greatly thwart the actions of the enemy envoys sent against your hero and further increase the visual range of your army;
  9. Level 10: Battle Veteran with Regeneration specialization - increases the Hero's health pool and provides him with automatic regeneration of life points;
  10. Level 11: Terrify with Melee Defence specialization - an active skill that lowers morale and defense of a chosen enemy unit;
  11. Level 12: Melee Chariot with Reinforced Melee Chariot specialization - your hero receives a chariot which increases his offensive capabilities;
  12. Level 13: Prayer to Ares with Sword specialization - provides all units with +5% to melee combat and +10% for swordsmen units (in all, a 15% boost)
  13. Level 14: Cleave with Damage specialization - greatly increases the Hero's chance of hitting a target in melee combat and increases the armor-piercing rate.

To complete the above Achilles character build in Total War Troy you will need 25 skill points. Each skill point spent increases the hero's health pool by 2.5%.

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