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Total War Troy Guide by

Total War Troy Guide

Table of Contents

Total War Troy: Factions, best factions Total War Troy guide, tips

Last update: 24 August 2020

This chapter focuses on the playable factions featured in Total War Troy and the first expansion called the Amazons.

Total War Saga Troy has many factions but not all of them are playable. Depending on which faction you choose, the story can go in different directions so that each subsequent playthrough can be different from the previous one. Below you can find a detailed list of all playable factions in Total War Saga Troy.

All playable factions

At the time of writing this guide (August 2020), Total War Saga Troy had 8 playable factions, each led by a specific epic hero:

  1. Dardania;
  2. Ithaca;
  3. Lycia;
  4. Mycenae;
  5. Phthia;
  6. Sparta;
  7. Hector of Troy;
  8. Paris of Troy.

In addition to the 8 main factions, Total War Troy will also have two additional factions that are part of the Amazons DLC in which you can take control of the following factions:

  1. Hippolyta's Amazons;
  2. Penthesilea's Amazons.

Best faction

It is difficult to indicate which of the available factions in Total War Saga Troy is the best one as each has its own strengths and weaknesses, unique units and different fighting styles. For example, Hector has access to extremely well-armored infantry, which can literally crush an opponent in direct combat, but is very slow which can make it more vulnerable to faster enemy units. It can be concluded that the Hector of Troy faction prefers a rather defensive fighting style. Odysseus, on the other hand, tries to avoid direct combat and uses various fortresses and the services of specialized spies to weaken his enemy before the battle begins, for example, by poisoning the water in the well leading to the death of a large number of enemy units. No matter which faction you choose against your opponent in the battle you can win in many ways, you just have to find your own style of play. You can also try to play some turns of each faction available in the game, and then decide which one you want to select in order to complete the campaign.

The easiest faction

If you're looking for a faction that is perfect for a novice or casual player and, at the same time, easy to manage in order to complete the story campaign of Total War Saga Troy, then you should choose the faction led by Sarpedon. Sarpedon has a very good starting position without many threats. His gameplay style focuses on building and sustaining the economy so you will not have any resource problems. At the start of the gameplay you have a lot of chariots with archers. Also, you have easy access to gold mines and mythical units: Centaurs, Giants - just conquer the settlements of your nearest neighbours.

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