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Total War Troy Guide

Table of Contents

Total War Troy: Resources - types, how to acquire Total War Troy guide, tips

Last update: 24 August 2020

In this chapter of our game guide you can find out what resources are available in Total War Saga Troy, what they are needed for and how to gather them.

There are 5 main resources in the Total War Saga Troy: food, wood, stone, bronze, and gold. Some resources like food and wood are much easier to obtain than stone, bronze or extremely valuable gold. Below, we have discussed every type of resource in detail, that is, what they can be used for. Also, we suggest how to efficiently and quickly acquire resources in Total War Saga Troy.

Types of resources

At the time of writing this guide (August 2020), there were 5 main resources in Total War Saga Troy. These resources are required to ensure proper functioning of your faction. Proper management of these resources will certainly help you in increasing the power of your faction and completing the campaign.

  1. Food - a basic resource that is used to increase the population of your faction and also to recruit more troops;
  2. Wood - a basic building material that is used to construct and/or improve structures of the settlements;
  3. Stone - a more valuable building material than wood, which is used, for example, to build and / or improve better types of buildings and majestic temples;
  4. Bronze - one of the exclusive raw materials used to recruit better quality troops and more armored units;
  5. Gold - the most valuable resource in the Total War Saga Troy. Gold is difficult to obtain and is used to trade, upgrade special buildings and recruit some elite units.

How to acquire and gather resources?

In Total War Troy, there are several ways of acquiring raw materials and gathering resources. Some of them come with risks, and others will depend solely on your charisma and negotiating skills. Below, you can find a few ways to quickly fill up your faction's vault.

  1. Passive growth - colonization of uninhabited settlements and expansion of existing settlements are the main means of acquiring resources in the Total War Saga Troy. Raw materials will flow into your vault every turn;
  2. Occupation of settlements - if you come across a settlement on your way, which has the resources you want, you can try to conquer it. This, of course, means that you have to start a battle and get some potential losses among your army;
  3. Confronting another hero - engaging in battles against opponents is one of the additional ways to gain resources in Total War Saga Troy. The amount of loot you get after winning the battle varies depending on the wealth of the defeated opponent's vault;
  4. Trade - you can trade with other factions and get the necessary raw materials from them. Obviously, sometimes you have to pay for them. All that you may obtain by diplomacy will depend on your negotiating skills and your relationship with the faction.
You can easily check what type of resource is being generated by a particular settlement - Total War Troy: Resources - types, how to acquire - Basics - Total War Troy Guide

You can easily check what type of resource is being generated by a particular settlement. Right next to the name of the settlement there is a small icon of the corresponding raw material.

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