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Total War Troy Guide

Table of Contents

Total War Troy: Menelaus guide - bonuses, faction units, builds Total War Troy guide, tips

Last update: 02 September 2020

This chapter of the guide focuses on Menelaus, one of the epic heroes in Total War Saga Troy. What is the character's specialty, for whom he will be the best choice, what bonuses he has, and what unique faction units he can recruit.

Menelaus (King of Sparta) is an Epic Defender who leads the Sparta faction. Menelaus is a powerful commander and has access to a unique Call to Arms skill that allows him to recruit units from a list of defensive or military allies from anywhere on the map. With such a mechanic, you will be able to create a powerful, unique, and custom army. Menelaus is an excellent character for all strategists who, during the course of the game, prefer to use diplomacy to forge alliances that will expand the boundaries of their empire.

As Menelaus, you get a +2 bonus to newly recruited Heroes morale - Total War Troy: Menelaus guide - bonuses, faction units, builds - Heroes - Total War Troy Guide

Menelaus - bonuses

As Menelaus, you get a +2 bonus to newly recruited Heroes' morale. Moreover, because of his leadership abilities, Menelaus has a +4 bonus to influence in his region.

Menelaus - unique faction units

Menelaus' army consists largely of a combination of heavy-armed infantry capable of carrying out devastating attacks and deadly slingers who specialize in ranged combat.

  1. Light Spear Runners - a light unit equipped with a spear that has a high chance of piercing armor and has the ability to change weapons to a shield. Light Spear Runners have a high speed which helps them in chasing fleeing enemy troops or escaping from the enemy;
  2. Axe Champions - a heavy unit that uses two-handed axes in combat. Axe Champions can perform a devastating charge and are also able to pierce the opponent's armor;
  3. Heroic Axe Warriors - a heavy unit with an axe and shield that has a very high armor value. Heroic Axe Warriors inflict tremendous damage due to their very high armor piercing value.

Character development

During the course of a Total War Troy campaign, your character will gain experience points, advance to higher levels, and consequently receive skill points, which can be spent on additional skills and specializations. The following is a list of Menelaus ' skills that may be useful during the course of this hero's campaign.

  1. Level 2: Dread of Ares with Melee Attack specialization - with this skill you can lower morale, vigor, as well as the combat proficiency of enemy units fighting in melee range;
  2. Level 3: The Way of Athena with Melee Defence specialization - increases the Hero's defensive capabilities by giving him a total of +13 to melee defense.
  3. Level 4: Ambassador of Hermes with Starting Cap specialization - reduces the fatigue rate of all units in the army, and also makes units always start the fight fresh and rested;
  4. Level 5: Generous Host with Favour specialization - accelerates the development of your province by adding +20 points to development and +3 to satisfaction, as well as +5 to the favor of the deity to whom the temple in the town is dedicated;
  5. Level 6: Favour of Asclepius with Heal specialization - a skill that regenerates the life points of selected units;
  6. Level 7: Asclepion's Method with Allied Territory specialization - greatly accelerates the rate of replenishing the units in the Hero's Army;
  7. Level 8: Divine Challenge with Armour specialization - the Hero forces the chosen target (unit) into battle and lowers its armor;
  8. Level 9: Heroic Spirit with Unbreakable specialization - your hero will not lose his morale and will never run away;
  9. Level 10: Stalwart with Line of Sight & Resistance specializations - a skill that can greatly thwart the actions of the enemy emissaries sent against your hero and further increase the visual range of your army;
  10. Level 11: Prayer to Athena with Sword specialization - increases the melee defense for all units, and thanks to the specialization, swordsmen units will gain an additional bonus;
  11. Level 12: Battle Veteran with Regeneration specialization - increases the Hero's health pool and provides him with automatic regeneration of life points;
  12. Level 13: Heraclean Resolve with Heal specialization - for 25 seconds, your hero becomes steadfast (he will not escape from the battlefield), as well as immortal. The specialization gives the hero +500 Life points every second;
  13. Level 14: Superior Weapons with Shock specialization - increases the damage done by units in Hero's army by 8%. The specialization gives units fighting with two-handed weapons an additional +8% bonus (total +16%).

To complete the above Menalos build in Total War Troy you will need 26 skill points. Each skill point spent increases the hero's health pool by 2.5%.

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