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Total War Troy Guide

Table of Contents

Total War Troy: Odysseus guide - bonuses, faction units, builds Total War Troy guide, tips

Last update: 02 September 2020

This chapter of the guide focuses on Odysseus, one of the epic heroes in Total War Saga Troy. What is the character's specialty, for whom he will be the best choice, what bonuses he has, and what unique faction units he can recruit.

Odysseus (Ruler of Ithaca) is an Epic Archer and unparalleled sailor who leads the Ithaca faction. Odysseus is an extremely clever warrior who uses various tricks and prefers guerrilla tactics over a frontal attack. Odysseus' faction has the ability to build spy hideouts in hostile settlements, allowing them to recruit additional troops in foreign regions. Odysseus is an excellent hero for all players who, instead of direct attack, prefer guerrilla warfare and like to defeat their enemy by being cunning rather than using raw strength.

By playing as Odysseus, you will get a +12% bonus to movement range for sea units on the campaign map - Total War Troy: Odysseus guide - bonuses, faction units, builds - Heroes - Total War Troy Guide

Odysseus - bonuses

By playing as Odysseus, you will get a +12% bonus to movement range for sea units on the campaign map. Moreover, due to his sailing skills, Odysseus provides his troops with a +5 bonus to morale during sea battles.

Odysseus - unique faction units

Odysseus' troops are largely composed of fast units that are capable of using the terrain to their advantage, carrying out deadly attacks from the flank or the rear. This does not mean, however, that the Ruler of Ithaca does not possess any units that can hold the enemy on the front-line.

  1. Odysseus' Midnight Runners - a medium infantry unit with two-handed spears. Midnight Runners are capable of sneaking around enemies, performing effective attacks from the flank, and are equipped with additional throwing weapons;
  2. Guerrilla Stalkers - a light infantry unit with javelins that mastered the art of stealth. Guerrilla Stalkers can fire projectiles from cover and pierce armors of their enemies;
  3. Ambushers - a light infantry unit whose main weapon is javelins. This unit has a high armor piercing value, and is also capable of sneaking and hiding from enemy sight;
  4. Exemplary Ambushers - another light infantry unit with javelins that can easily pierce an opponent's armor. Exemplary Ambushers can sneak and effectively hide from the opponents.

Character development

During the course of a Total War Troy campaign, your character will gain experience points, advance to higher levels, and consequently receive skill points, which can be spent on additional skills and specializations. The following is a list of Odysseus ' skills that may be useful during the course of this hero's campaign.

  1. Level 2: Cheat Hades with Stamina specialization - with this skill your hero gains +35% speed, +35% damage mitigation, and +25% vigor;
  2. Level 3: The Collector - with this skill you will receive up to 30% more spoils after winning the battle;
  3. Level 4: Ambassador of Hermes with Starting Cap specialization - reduces the fatigue rate of all units in the army, and also makes units always start the fight fresh and rested;
  4. Level 5: The Way of Artemis with Range specialization - increases your hero's effective range and ammo supply;
  5. Level 6: Master Ambusher with Melee & Charge specialization - increases the success chance of ambushes and enables your hero to avoid enemy ambushes. Moreover, it increases the melee damage of units participating in the ambush and gives a bonus to charge;
  6. Level 7: In Hades' Shadow with Unspottable specialization - your hero can be stealthed in any area and perform a surprise attack;
  7. Level 8: Follower of Artemis with Javelin specialization - increases the range of all marksmen units in the army by 6%. Javelin throwers gain an additional 10% bonus (total +16%);
  8. Level 9: Asclepion's Method with Allied Territory specialization - greatly accelerates the rate of replenishing units in the Hero's Army;
  9. Level 10: False Portent with Radius specialization - a long-range skill that reduces the enemy's morale;
  10. Level 11: Stance Shadow with Speed specialization - the hero gains access to a new stance which allows his army to draw the enemy into an ambush at the moment of attack. Your army gets a bonus to the speed of movement during an ambush;
  11. Level 12: Archer Chariot with Light Archer Chariot specialization - your hero will be able to use a chariot on the battlefield which increases his offensive capabilities;
  12. Level 13: Strafe with Damage specialization - for 60 seconds your hero can enjoy several bonuses: +50% to projectile damage, +30% to melee defense, +30% to projectile resistance;
  13. Level 14: Chosen of the Gods with Spear specialization - increases the morale of your troops, and thanks to specialization, units armed with Spears will gain an even greater morale bonus.

To complete the above Odysseus character build in Total War Troy you will need 25 skill points. Each skill point spent increases the hero's health pool by 2.5%.

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