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Total War Troy Guide

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Total War Troy: Agamemnon guide - bonuses, faction units, builds Total War Troy guide, tips

Last update: 02 September 2020

This chapter of the guide focuses on Agamemnon, one of the epic heroes in Total War Saga Troy. What is the character's specialty, for whom he will be the best choice, what bonuses he has, and what unique faction units he can recruit.

Agamemnon (King of Mycenae) is an Epic Warlord who leads the Mycenae faction. He is an excellent strategist and one of the best commanders - Agamemnon can assist his troops with additional support skills during combat. Because of his obsession with power, Agamemnon does not care about others' opinions. Instead, he tries to force everyone into obedience. Thanks to this he receives extra resources from his vassals. Agamemnon is the perfect hero for all who want to conquest other territories, increase their influence, and impose their will.

As Agamemnon, you get a +12% bonus to efficiency for the royal decrees which will help your economy - Total War Troy: Agamemnon guide - bonuses, faction units, builds - Heroes - Total War Troy Guide

Agamemnon bonuses

As Agamemnon, you get a +12% bonus to efficiency for the royal decrees which will help your economy. Moreover, because of his status and power, Agamemnon gains a +4 bonus to influence in his regions.

Agamemnon - unique faction units

Agamemnon's troops can be considered extremely balanced, able to cope under any conditions. King of Mycenae has at his disposal armored infantry, great ranged units, and chariots.

  1. Agamemnon's Guards - a heavy infantry unit with two-handed spears that can masterfully flank enemies. Agamemnon's Guards are characterized by a very high attack rate and extremely strong charge;
  2. Agamemnon's Companions - a heavy unit that uses two-handed axes. Agamemnon's Companions are excellent at attacking from the flank, can perform a very strong charge, and are also able to pierce the opponent's armor;
  3. Light Javelinmen - a light infantry unit whose main weapon is javelins. This unit has a great range and a very high chance of piercing armor. Light Javelinmen are the best at attacking and then running away.

Character development

During the course of a Total War Troy campaign, your character will gain experience points, advance to higher levels, and consequently receive skill points, which can be spent on additional skills and specializations. The following is a list of Agamemnon's abilities that may be useful during the course of this hero's campaign.

  1. Level 2: March of Hermes with Speed specialization - an active skill that increases the speed and vigor of units;
  2. Level 3: The Collector - with this skill you will receive up to 30% more spoils after winning the battle;
  3. Level 4: Disciple of Ares with Shock specialization - all units in your army receive +15% bonus to charges. The specialization gives units using two-handed weapons (Agamemnon's Guards, Agamemnon's Comrades) an additional 20% bonus;
  4. Level 5: Disciplinarian with Replenishment specialization - increases the gains made from looting by 35% and further accelerates the process of replenishing losses in the individual units;
  5. Level 6: Rallying Cry with Area specialization - a long-range skill that increases the units' melee defense and also increases their morale;
  6. Level 7: Inspirational Leader with Recruitment specialization - increases the recruitment capabilities of the Hero's Army;
  7. Level 8: Chosen of the Gods - increases the morale of your troops by 8%;
  8. Level 9: Bloodthirst with Battle specialization - generates rage outside of combat. When the skill is activated during combat, it greatly increases the rage regeneration;
  9. Level 10: Heraclean Roar with Cooldown specialization - an area of effect skill that increases the speed and armor-piercing ratio of your units;
  10. Level 11: Renowned Hero - reduces the maintenance costs of units in your army by 5%;
  11. Level 12: Melee Chariot with Reinforced Melee Chariot specialization - your hero receives a chariot which increases his offensive capabilities;
  12. Level 13: Blood Sacrifice with Morale & Damage specialization - an active skill that increases the morale of units as well as the strength of their weapons;
  13. Level 14: Protection of Hephaestus - increases the armor value of all units in the Hero's army.

To complete the above Agamemnon character build in Total War Troy you will need 22 skill points. Each skill point spent increases the hero's health pool by 2.5%.

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