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Uncharted 4: A Thief's End Game Guide

Uncharted 4: A Thief's End Game Guide

Nate is back! Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End game guide contain a detailed description on how to complete the single player game, logic puzzles, and where to find every secret.

Last update: 26 April 2023

This unofficial guide to Uncharted 4 A Thief's End contains all the information necessary to complete the game 100 percent and get the platinum trophy. The main part of our guide is the very detailed walkthrough for all chapters of the game, which includes, among other things, hints on how to avoid or eliminate opponents (including bosses), information about the best routes to a mission's objectives, and detailed solutions of more complex puzzles. The guide is enriched with high-quality images on which we have marked e.g. places where you have to jump or shelves to reach.

A large part of the guide is devoted to the secrets/collectibles section, which presents the exact locations of all 109 treasures. The Secrets chapter also contains locations of journal entries, notes and optional conversations. In addition, we have also included solutions to the most difficult puzzles and information on how to obtain rare weapons.

The last major chapter is the trophy guide, in which we explain in detail how to unlock 100% of the trophies and how to get the platinum one. Each trophy found in Uncharted 4 has a detailed description. More complex trophies are further discussed on the separate pages of the trophy guide.

Uncharted 4 A Thief's End is the next installment of the hugely popular series of action-adventure games, in which we follow adventurer Nathan Drake. His brother Sam also plays a significant role in the game, appearing in many stages and cut-scenes. The gameplay mechanics have not changed much compared to previous parts of the series, although there are certain moments where we have more freedom. Sometimes we also have to make decisions that affect the further course of the campaign (their consequences are discussed in the guide, of course).

Note - The walkthrough is based on Crushing, the highest difficulty level available. If you play on an easier difficulty level, some of the scenes discussed in the guide may be easier to complete (fewer opponents, a greater margin of error, etc.).

Uncharted 4: Quick Beginner's Guide

Below are some quick starting tips for Uncharted 4. They can be useful especially in the early chapters of the campaign.

  1. We don't advise picking the Crushing difficulty level right away. Playing on the very hard difficulty can make it more challenging for you to win fights featuring larger groups of opponents and "elite enemies". In addition, it will be harder for you to reach collectibles or fulfill conditions for combat-related trophies. We recommend finishing the game 2 times - first on the normal difficulty level and then on Crushing.
  2. Not all stages allow you to use weapons. Don't try to find weapons in these sections at all costs, as this may simply be impossible due to the specific nature of the stage. Instead, focus on exploration, sneaking or climbing.
  3. Look around for shiny objects. This is how the treasures that can be collected are marked. Their shine can make them much easier to find, especially if they lie in dark places or on remote shelves.
  4. Use covers during combat, but watch out for grenades thrown by enemies. Standing in the open is a very bad idea even when playing on lower difficulty levels. You should also react quickly in situations where enemies decide to throw grenades at Drake.
  5. You don't have to worry about your AI partner's health. In some missions, Drake may be accompanied by another person. Fortunately, you don't have to protect your AI partner at all costs. Focus solely on keeping on your character healthy.
  6. If possible, aim at the heads of your opponents. If you have a problem with that, use the aim assist. Headshots can kill enemies much faster, especially those with heavy armor.
  7. You can sneak up on a lot of opponents. Stealth has many advantages - you can eliminate a given character without using ammo and without alerting the surrounding area. Stealth mechanics can also be used to plan ambushes and easily reach places from which you can attack opponents effectively.
  8. Watch out for snipers. You can tell them by the red laser beams. When you are in locations with snipers, pay even more attention to hiding behind covers. Also, look for opportunities to shoot them - whether from a distance or when approaching them by running from one cover to another.

More tips and useful information regarding gameplay can be viewed on a dedicated page of the guide: Beginner's Guide.

Uncharted 4: All chapters, walkthrough

Our Uncharted 4 walkthrough describes all 24 chapters. There are 22 main chapters, a prologue, and an epilogue. The story is linear and there aren't any important decisions to make during the gameplay. Moreover, there is only one, universal ending, which takes place after finishing the epilogue.

  1. 0 - Prologue
  2. 1 - The Lure of Adventure
  3. 2 - Infernal Place
  4. 3 - The Malaysia Job
  5. 4 - A Normal Life
  6. 5 - Hector Alcazar
  7. 6 - Once a Thief...
  8. 7 - Lights Out
  9. 8 - The Grave of Henry Avery
  10. 9 - Those Who Prove Worthy
  11. 10 - The Twelve Towers
  12. 11 - Hidden in Plain Sight
  13. 12 - At Sea
  14. 13 - Marooned
  15. 14 - Join Me in Paradise
  16. 15 - The Thieves of Libertalia
  17. 16 - The Brothers Drake
  18. 17 - For Better or Worse
  19. 18 - New Devon
  20. 19 - Avery's Descent
  21. 20 - No Escape
  22. 21 - Brother's Keeper
  23. 22 - A Thief's End
  24. Epilogue

Uncharted 4: All treasures

Treasures are the main type of collectibles in Uncharted 4. We divided them according to the chapters in which they are found. In most missions, you can find between one to several treasures.

  1. Treasures in Chapter 1 (The Lure of Adventure)
  2. Treasures in Chapter 2 (Infernal Palace)
  3. Treasures in Chapter 3 (The Malaysia Job)
  4. Treasures in Chapter 6 (Once a Thief...)
  5. Treasures in Chapter 8 (The Grave of Henry Avery)
  6. Treasures in Chapter 9 (Those Who Prove Worthy)
  7. Treasures in Chapter 10 (The Twelve Towers)
  8. Treasures in Chapter 11 (Hidden in Plain Sight)
  9. Treasures in Chapter 12 (At Sea)
  10. Treasures in Chapter 13 (Marooned)
  11. Treasures in Chapter 14 (Join Me in Paradise)
  12. Treasures in Chapter 15 (The Thieves of Libertaria)
  13. Treasures in Chapter 16 (The Brothers Drake)
  14. Treasures in Chapter 17 (For Better or Worse)
  15. Treasures in Chapter 18 (New Devon)
  16. Treasures in Chapter 19 (Avery's Descent)
  17. Treasures in Chapter 20 (No Escape)
  18. Treasures in Chapter 21 (Brother's Keeper)
  19. Treasures in Chapter 22 (A Thief's End)

Aside from treasures, there are also two categories of collectibles and you can engage in unique, optional conversations. These elements of the game are described in detail on dedicated pages of the guide.

  1. All journal entries
  2. All journal notes
  3. All optional conversations - these secrets can be easily missed if you don't react to the conversation icon above an NPC's head.

Uncharted 4: Harder puzzles

Uncharted 4 has a few more challenging puzzles. The most difficult puzzles in Uncharted 4 are:

  1. The lights and the crosses puzzle in the Grave of Henry Avery from chapter 8
  2. The turning mechanism puzzle from chapter 9
  3. The puzzle with the Founders' Wheel from chapter 11
  4. The puzzle with steering wheel and spheres from chapter 12
  5. The puzzle with crossing a booby-trapped footbridge from chapter 19

You can find solutions to all the puzzles in our walkthrough and on the Harder puzzles page.

Uncharted 4: Unique weapons

In Uncharted 4: A Thiefs End, besides standard weapons, Uncharted 4 also has unique ones - Uncharted 4: A Thiefs End Game Guide

In Uncharted 4: A Thief's End, besides standard weapons, Uncharted 4 also has unique ones. They are:

  1. Barok .44 revolver pistol
  2. Flintlock pistol
  3. China Lake GL
  4. DShK heavy machine gun
  5. RPG rocket launcher

Check Unique weapons page to learn their locations.

Uncharted 4: Achievements and platinum trophy

The platinum trophy in Uncharted 4 can be quite challenging, although there have been many games released for the PS4 that are even more difficult to platinum.

The most problematic trophies are those received for completing the game on Crushing difficulty, within a specified time (speedrun) and with high accuracy rate. Expect to finish the game at least twice. There are also a few trophies related to combat and collectibles. The platinum trophy requires you to also get those related to multiplayer, but they shouldn't be very difficult. All information about the Uncharted 4 trophies can be found in our trophy guide. Here are direct links to each category of achievements:

  1. Trophy list - singleplayer
  2. Trophy list - multiplayer
  3. Trophy list - hidden trophies
  4. The Cliffhanger trophy - rewarded for killing enemies while hanging from a ledge
  5. I Thought I Heard Something trophy - rewarded for disposing of enemies by tackling them from air
  6. Not a Cairn in the World trophy - unlocked after destroying 16 cairns. You can view their locations on a dedicated page of the guide.
  7. Relic Finder trophy - awarded after finding 3 Strange Relics. The opportunities to do so appear in chapters 9, 12 and 21.

Uncharted 4: PC system requirements

The full requirements of the PC version will be added once they are officially released to the public, as the release of the PC version is planned for 2022. A strong rig may be required, as this is a remaster with numerous improvements to the graphics.

When it comes to the console version, it takes up 44GB on the console's disk. The upgrade from PS4 to PS5 version is paid, and offers support for 4K resolutions, 3 different graphic modes to choose from and support for unique features of PS5 console. More information can be found on a dedicated page: System Requirements.

Uncharted 4: Game length

Completing the main story only should take you about 15 hours - Uncharted 4 is the longest game from the series. Obtaining all collectibles should lengthen the experience by 2 to 3 hours. To get the platinum trophy, you'll need to finish the game at least twice - this means that at least 30 hours of playtime is required to get it.

Uncharted 4 also offers a multiplayer mode, which can attract the player for long hours. Fortunately, the Platinum trophy requires only little time spent in multiplayer battles.

To learn more about how much time it takes to complete Uncharted 4 and obtain 100% completion of the game can be found on a dedicated page: Game Length.

About Uncharted 4: A Thief's End Game Guide

Author : Jacek Stranger Halas & Grzegorz Alban3k Misztal for

Translator : Michal Grygorcewicz & Jakub Bugielski & Slawomir Niejadlik & Karol Drozynski

last update :

Guide contains : 56 pages, 642 images.

Use the comments below to submit your updates and corrections to this guide.

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Uncharted 4: A Thief's End Video Game

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