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Dragon Age: Inquisition Game Guide & Walkthrough by

Dragon Age: Inquisition Game Guide & Walkthrough

Table of Contents
Dragon Age: Inquisition - Map of Thedas
Dragon Age: Inquisition - Map of Thedas
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Game world | History of Dragon Age Dragon Age: Inquisition Guide

Last update: 03 February 2017

Having in memory the previous info about the third Dragon Age, one could think that the game provides a totally open world - like for example The Elder Scrolls - so we will start with a clarification. The regions in Inquisition will be divided into separate locations with loading screens in between them. However, all of these locations will be quite large, which will give a slight feeling of a sandbox game. Each of the already presented locations are claimed by the developers to be bigger then the total area of the first edition - Dragon Age: Origins. The announcements get even more impressive when we add the promise of placing various mounts in the game, as well as "secrets" and other attractions for exploration enthusiasts.

Moving now to describing the parts of Thedas, which we will visit in the game, once again we will need a clarification. According to early announcements, in the game, we were to see not only Ferelden, but also places like Orlais, Dalia, Nevarra, Antiva, Free Marches and even the Tevinter Imperium. Unfortunately, the developers changed their plans and the game will contain only three of these regions: Ferelden, Orlais and Dalia. If you want to find them on the map above, look at the southern part.

Ferelden - This area doesn't need to be introduced to those persons that have finished Dragon Age: Origins. It is a human kingdom, which has recently gained its freedom (from Orlesian occupation), safe from the demon plague, but still rising up from its knees after recent conflicts. This land represents a classic "European fantasy" style. The forest in the east is inhabited by aggressive elves that have to constantly face persecution from humans (the Dalish) and underneath the western mountains, you can meet dwarves that try to isolate themselves. In Inquisition, players will visit many of the well-known locations, like for example Redcliffe.

Orlais - An empire located in the south-western part of Thedas. In the previous century, it had a large territory, but overtime it began to decrease in size - one of the lands that parted from Orlais recently is Ferelden. Nowadays, Orlais is affected by anarchy caused by a civil war between Empress Celene and Grand Duke Gaspard de Chalons. As for the culture, Orlais can be compared to medieval France. The empire is bounded by the Frostback Mountains from the east and by the Sea of Ash from the west.

Dalia - Strictly speaking, it is one of the regions in Orlais, located in the east part of the land (at the foot of the Frostback Mountains), but it stands from the rest thanks to its extensive area and peculiar character. This region used to be a homeland of elves, who are now spread all over the world, persecuted in human cities or living in tribes and considered hostile savages (Dalish). Nowadays, Dalia is a dreary wasteland covered with ruins that witness the civil war.

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