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Dredge Guide

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Dredge Map Dredge

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Dredge Map
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Dredge: Interactive map with DLC Dredge guide, tips

Dredge map - all materials, Messages, Docks, Rock Slabs and items needed to perform Pursuits and items in DLC. We have also marked dangerous zones and fishing grounds for rare fish species.

Last update: 04 July 2024

On this page of our Dredge guide you can find an interactive map that marks the locations of game's secrets. We've marked, e.g. all Messages, Rock Slabs and Refined Metal. You will also find the starting point of all Pursuit quests and the locations of the docks. The map also includes the new icy region from The Pale Reach DLC. It shows new places for boat moorings, new unique locations, and new fishing spots and areas with collectibles.

The Pale Reach DLC

Our interactive world map, in addition to the map from the base game, also shows the new southern region from The Pale Reach DLC. We marked, e.g. Pursuits, fishing spots, secrets and collectibles, boat moorings and ice blocks that can later be destroyed.


There are 12 Messages to find in the game, which contain plot-related stories and texts. To read obtained Messages, visit the Cabin menu. Thanks to them, you'll receive insight into lore and setting of the game.


In Dredge, you can visit around 20 different docks where you can rest, upgrade your gear, do research, and repair your equipment or ship. In some of them, you'll be able to talk to NPCs, begin Pursuits and explore some locations to find valuable resources and items.

Rock Slabs

We have marked all the locations of Rock Slabs, i.e. stones with puzzles to solve. When a Rock Slab puzzle is solved, you receive a unique item that cannot be bought from vendors.


Obelisks are mysterious stone formations that emit strange noises. When your Panic is high, you can touch them to learn what they have to say. Unfortunately, this only works when in Panic state - touching them while sane doesn't produce any effect.


There are about 30 Trinket locations - valuables that can be picked up and sold to the merchant from Little Marrow. This is a good way to get rich, because Trinkets do not take up much cargo space, and are worth a lot.


We've marked about 20 locations where you can get Lumber. This resource is used to research Upgrades and unlocking additional slots for equipment and cargo.

Bolt of Cloth

On the map you can find about 10 locations with Bolt of Cloth i.e. fabric. This resource is used to research Upgrades and unlocking additional slots for equipment and cargo.

Metal Scraps

You need Metal Scraps to upgrade your equipment. There are about 14 locations containing this resource - we've marked all of them on our map.

Research Parts

The map marks about 10 locations where you can get Research Parts. The parts are necessary to conduct research on new equipment.


On the map you will find all the buildings you can visit in Dredge. Some of them hold resources, others have to be visited to complete Pursuits.


In the game you will find about 20 NPCs with whom you will be able to talk and do Pursuits, i.e. special missions, for them.


In Dredge, you can find areas where monsters lurk. We have marked several such locations so that you can avoid the threat of overgrown fish. Aside from fish, there are gigantic crabs that often pose as stones or machines.

Fishing Spots

There are plenty of fishing spots in the game. Certain types of fish are sometimes used to complete Pursuits and solve Rock Slab puzzles.


We've marked 21 locations that offer Pursuits.


Visit the map to view the locations of all 12 Books, that once obtained can be read to receive a bonus to various statistics. Among the bonuses, we have faster movement speed, better prices at vendors, and faster fishing.


We've marked the locations of 14 characters with whom you can talk and accept Pursuits.


On our map, we've marked 7 locations that are monster territory. They can seriously damage your ship and make you lose cargo - be sure to prepare before visiting these regions.

Hooded Figure

There are 4 Hooded Figure markers - Red, Purple, Gold and Blue. These mysterious characters will give you special Pursuits which involve delivering specific types of fish.


We've marked 5 Relics on the map that obtaining is a part of the main storyline. However, before you can embark on a journey to get them, you need to complete some story tasks.

Scraps of Paper

In the Stellar Basin region, there are 3 Scrap of Paper locations which when collected and joined create a treasure map. Additionally, we've marked the treasure location.


There are 6 shipwrecks on the map that you can search for upgrades and Trinkets.


Dredge marks all areas that hold unique items related to indvidiual Pursuits. Without these items, you won't be able to complete some of the tasks.

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