Gaming NewsJun 19, 2017 at 5:47a PSTby luckie

EA giving away Medal of Honor: Pacific Assault

Looking forward to playing a proper WWII shooter? Why not look back, and get a free copy of good, old Medal of Honor: Pacific Assault? Now you can, thanks to EA's giveaway on Origin.

Before a new wave of World War II shooters hits the video games market – heralded by the upcoming Call of Duty: WWII and a new Brothers in Arms confirmed to be in works – it is good to stop for a moment and look back at where it all began. Thanks to Electronic Arts, PC players have a good opportunity to do just that. For a limited time you can add Medal of Honor: Pacific Assault to your Origin account for free and keep it forever. Note, however, that this is just the original single player campaign, since the game’s online servers were shut down along with GameSpy.

Get a PC copy of Medal of Honor: Pacific Assault for free. - 2017-06-19
Get a PC copy of Medal of Honor: Pacific Assault for free.

The Medal of Honor series, which has since drifted towards modern conflicts, originally gained much acclaim for its visceral World War II experience. Unlike several of its installments set in Europe, Medal of Honor: Pacific Assault, released in 2004, takes the player to fight on the Pacific front. You play as an American soldier who, together with his squad, fights the Japanese from Pearl Harbor through to Guadalcanal and other famous battles of WWII.