Gaming NewsSep 13, 2017 at 3:12a PSTby luckie

A new gameplay video from UBOOT has emerged - see the new FPP view

UBOOT, a WWII submarine simulator, has got a new gameplay video. In it the developer is showing off some of the newly implemented features, including the FPP view.

Almost a year after sharing the last gameplay video from the submarine simulator UBOOT, the gameís developer has a new footage for you. Poland-based Deep Water Studio has used that time well and implemented some new features, including a working first-person view, which is presented in the new video. Other things are discussed in the latest development update on Steam.

In UBOOT the player will have direct control over all that happens on the boat as well as over all of its crew members. You can not only give them orders, but also step into eachís shoes and perform individual actions yourself Ė walk about the boat, listen for contacts, or aim a torpedo at an enemy ship.

Although graphics are not the gameís biggest asset, it is clear that the developer is paying attention to details and accuracy, which is visible in the boatís interior and apparatus, but also in things like drops of water on the screen after the camera emerges from the sea.

UBOOT doesnít have a realease date yet. The gameís Steam page says itís going to be available some time in 2018.