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Gaming NewsJul 24, 2018 at 5:50a PSTby Maiman

Rocket League developer reveals Loot Drop Rates

Rocket League developer Psyonix revealed the probability of getting every loot drop in their popular arcade game. But even though players now know what to expect, lootboxes are there to stay.

Drop the Almighty. - 2018-07-24
Drop the Almighty.

If you've been wondering how high the probability of getting certain loot drops from Rocket League’s lootboxes was, the developer Psyonix is here to provide you with a transparent answer. Nobody knows if they decided to give players an insight because they wanted to or because they felt forced to (some countries, such as China, require devs to disclose the probability of loot drops), but nonetheless – you can now have a look.

Here’s the overview:

  • Rare item: 55 percent
  • Very rare item: 28 percent
  • Import item: 12 percent
  • Exotic object: 4 percent
  • Black market item: 1 percent
  • Painted attribute: 25 percent
  • Certified attribute: 25 percent

Psyonix also revealed that these probability rates have not changed since the introduction of the "Crates and Keys" system in September 2016.

Mad hatters will again have to pay for their… madness. - 2018-07-24
Mad hatters will again have to pay for their… madness.

While the loot crates have a small chance of being replaced (or removed) in the future, Rocket League has already proven that it can do just fine without them. Through the game’s third anniversary event, players could collect special balloons by joining online matches, and then “spend” them to personalize their cars. Sadly, the event has just concluded, and lootboxes are back. But hey – at least now you know what to expect from them.

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