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Gaming NewsJul 27, 2018 at 12:37p PSTby Maiman

Papers, Please spiritual successor Out of the Box is out now

When Papers, Please meets nightclubs, you get Out of the Box. When there are 300 unique characters waiting their turn in a long line on a rainy night, you need to think fast. But just like in Papers, Please, no mistakes are tolerated.

Little does the poor fella know, it can also be his last. - 2018-07-27
Little does the poor fella know, it can also be his last.

After three years in prison, Warren Baker only wants to get his life back on track and spend more time with his daughter. As The Box Club bouncer, however, he is repeatedly confronted with his own past – even though that’s the last thing he wishes for. That’s the premise of Out of the Box, a Papers, Please spiritual successor available on Steam right now.

No call goes unanswered

Like in Papers, Please, you are working under huge pressure. Before letting any guest in, you have to verify their identity documents, perform background checks and resolve any conflicts of interest, should they occur. The faster you work, the more you earn, and you need the money to pay for the rent, food, and other commodities. And if some punk offers you 300 bucks for letting him in even though his face screams “troublemaker!”, well… everybody needs the money.

Well, is he a monster? Pigeons won’t tell. - 2018-07-27
Well, is he a monster? Pigeons won’t tell.

And people need to get into the club. More precisely – more than 300 throughout the game. Each has a unique personality, and unique requests. Some you’ll have to pacify, some you’ll have to talk into changing their minds, some will threaten other guests of the club. There are also VIPs, and you know darn sure they despise “others” and ARE the exceptions. But if you also know that one such VIP can ruin the party if you let him in, and if you deny him access – can ruin your career… what should you do? The line outside is getting longer.

Every decision matters. Whether you’re flirting with the boss’s wife, helping your partner, or wondering if you should give the drunken teen another shot at joining the party, you’ll see the consequences of your choices sooner or later. And your past can get ahead of you when you least expect it.

Out of the Box is a debut from an independent developer Nuclear Tales. The game has been available on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Switch since July 19.

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