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Essays 02 July 2024, 00:07

author: Radek Wacha

Better PVP Mod. A list of our favorite Minecraft mods in 2024

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Source: chocolateminecraft.com - Best mods for Minecraft 2024 - document - 2024-06-28
Source: chocolateminecraft.com

The name of this mod is a bit confusing and says little about its content, which is truly rich and very useful. Better PVP Mod greatly improves the minimap which is available both above and below the surface. In addition, units can be displayed on it and their specific types can be marked with different colors. Waypoint creation is also a nice addition. Changes within the minimap are not everything, though.

With this mod, Minecraft takes on an RPG character. Among others, we can display character information and stats. The status of the armor, the effects of potions and their duration are presented in clear form. There's also a more functional bar with items for quick use in the game. Other changes include the toggled stealth mode – you no longer need to squeeze the corresponding key (same for sprinting), notifications about low health, starvation and an explosion that will take place nearby, as well as a wide range of customization options for other settings.

  1. Download Better PvP Mod
  2. Minecraft version: 1.20.5 (as of May 2024)
Source: planetminecraft.com/xaero96 - Best mods for Minecraft 2024 - document - 2024-06-28
Source: planetminecraft.com/xaero96


Minecraft: Windows 10 Edition

Minecraft: Windows 10 Edition

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