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Essays 22 June 2022, 16:15

author: Krzysiek Kalwasinski

Best Games You Might Have Missed in First Half of 2022

The loudest premieres effectively draw attention away from those smaller, but no less interesting productions. We have prepared for you a list of the best of the more obscure games.

The Stanley Parable: Ultra Deluxe

  1. Producer: Galactic Cafe
  2. Platforms: PC, XOne, XSX / S, PS4, PS5, Switch
  3. Average rating on Metacritic: 90%

The Stanley Parable caused quite a stir back in 2013. No wonder. This game is basically an experiment, very different from what we are used to. Moreover, many of the common practices are ridiculed. The new edition significantly expands this project, bringing new endings, narration and locations.

What makes it worth your time? Mainly the interesting story, full of great humor, presented in quite a unique form. The whole game is about wandering around the game world, listening to the narrator's recounting of the tale, and making decisions. The latter influence the course of the story itself. We can follow suggestions or ignore them completely, which will most likely be properly commented on.

If you value absurd humor and unusual approach to games, The Stanley Parable: Ultra Deluxe is a proposition for you. Also, don't be discouraged by the short length of the game – it's worth approaching it multiple times and discovering all the endings. Now the project is available more widely, since it also appeared on current and previous generation consoles. Needless to say, you have to experience it personally. Let yourself be carried away by madness! You shall not regret it.

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