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Essays 10 January 2022, 17:01

author: Paul Musiolik

Dark Horses of 2022 - Best Upcoming Obscure Games That May Surprise Us

Every year brings productions whose success is prophesied long before their release. But in this article, we talk about their opposites. What gaming surprises await in 2022?

Broken Roads

  1. Genre: RPG
  2. Release date: 2022
  3. Developer: Drop Bear Bytes
  4. Why it can surprise? It will offer post-apo atmosphere with numerous Fallout inspirations

If you've been wondering what the classic Fallout 2022 might look like, Broken Roads is the answer. The combination of a classic isometric RPG, and a strong emphasis on narrative along with the location of the entire story in a post-apocalyptic world all this is quite unambiguous. Admittedly, the obscure Drop Bear Bytes studio has jumped off the deep end. May it not overestimate its capabilities, because players' expectations are high.

As a group of heroes, we will find ourselves in the Australian post-apocalyptic wasteland, where we will learn about the story. Broken Roads will be distinguished by a system of morality that will use four philosophical paths humanism, utilitarianism, machiavellianism and nihilism. On paper, everything looks promising and something tells me that we will hear only positive things about the game.

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