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Elden Ring Guide

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Shadow of the Erdtree: New weapons Elden Ring guide, walkthrough

Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree adds eight new weapon categories to Elden Ring. On this page of the guide, we have described the new weapons and explained what they are.

Last update: 06 June 2024

In addition to the new region, dungeons, enemies and bosses, Shadow of the Erdtree also adds eight new weapon categories to Elden Ring. You can obtain these weapons in new areas and take them with you to the Lands Between - although due to how late the expansion areas unlock, you'll probably have to wait until New Game Plus to put them to good use in the base game's content. On this page of the guide, we have listed all new weapon categories and briefly described how they work.

New types of weapons

  1. Light Greatswords - very long, but also quite thin swords. They have a range comparable to greatswords, but attack with a series of faster, weaker slashes instead of slow, powerful strikes.
  2. Reverse-hand Swords - swords held in reverse, with the blade pointing down. They allow for long dodges and jumps in different directions.
  3. Great Katanas - two-handed katanas with extended range. Faster than curved greatswords, but stagger slower.
  4. Thrusting Shields - shields with spikes attached. They allow you to quickly transition from defense to offense.
  5. Throwing Weapons - thrown weapons, e.g. daggers and axes. The player retrieves the weapon immediately after throwing it, allowing for continuous ranged combat.
  6. Perfume Bottles - bottles of perfume, attacking with various vapors. The vapors have a very short range but also have varying effects depending on the specific weapon.
  7. Beast Claws - animal claws attached to the hands. They have extremely acrobatic move sets, allowing the player to almost glide across the ground and through the air.
  8. Hand-to-hand - gloves that allow you to fight without weapons. They give you access to spectacular punches, kicks and pirouettes.

Page in progress. The guide will be updated after the full version of the expansion is released.

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