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Shadow of the Erdtree Elden Ring

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Shadow of the Erdtree
Elden Ring
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Shadow of the Erdtree: List of all quests, all NPCs map Elden Ring guide, walkthrough

Shadow of the Erdtree add-on introduces a number of new characters to the game. A set of branching and interlocking quests is associated with many NPCs. In this chapter you will find tips related to all character quests.

Last update: 11 July 2024

Shadow of the Erdtree DLC continues the theme known from the basic Elden Ring, introducing a whole group of new, enigmatic characters to the game. Many of them will offer players a number of different tasks and quests. In this chapter you will find a full list of NPC-related quests along with detailed instructions on how to complete them. Thanks to our tips, the complicated task structure will not be a problem for you.

List of all quests

  1. Needle Knight Leda - on this page we described the quest of the leader of Miquella's followers.
  2. Dryleaf Dane - here you will learn what secrets the master of hand-to-hand combat hides.
  3. Hornsent - we explain how to complete the missions of this vengeful character.
  4. Hornsent Grandam - we tell you how the old woman hiding in the Belurat castle complex can help you.
  5. Ymir and Jolan - we explain the questline for the characters found in the Cathedral of Manus Metyr.
  6. St. Trina, Thiollier and Moore - we tell you how to complete the interlocking tasks of these three characters.
  7. Fire Knight Queelign - on this page of the guide you will learn how to deal with this aggressive NPC.
  8. Redmane Freyja - learn how to complete tasks related to Radahn's former ally.
  9. Sir Ansbach - here you will learn what the intentions of Mohg's former servant are.
  10. Igon - we describe a series of missions that will take you to the very top of Jagged Peak.
  11. Dragon Communion Priestess - on this page you will learn how you can help the dragon priestess.

Is it worth completing quests?

Completing quests usually rewards you with the quest-related NPC's equipment or the ability to summon that NPC for help during certain boss fights. However, this equipment can often be obtained by killing an NPC or looted at the end of the game from the NPC's corpse if you have not completed their quest.

Summoning NPCs for help can be very useful during demanding boss fights, so it's worth completing their quests. However, be especially careful when completing Leda's quest - if you want to complete it by siding with her, you will have to kill Hornsent and Ansbach, which will prematurely end their tasks - this is not worth it.

Is there a point of no return?

In addition, there are several points of no return that prematurely end the tasks of specific heroes. Passing this point usually means that the character dies or disappears, and their equipment is left where that person was seen last time. These points of no return are:

  1. Killing Messmer the Impaler in the Shadow Keep - prematurely completes the quests of Hornsent and Hornsent Grandam;
  2. Burning the small Scadutree in the Church of the Bud - will prematurely end the tasks of almost all NPCs related to Miquella, i.e. Leda, St. Trina, Thiollier, Moore, Freyja, Ansbach and Dane.
  3. Killing Bayle the Dread on the top of Jagged Peak - prematurely ends the quests of Igon and Dragon Communion Priestess.
  4. Queelign's, Ymir's and Jolan's quests do not have a point of no return.
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