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Elden Ring Guide

Table of Contents

Shadow of the Erdtree Guide Elden Ring guide, walkthrough

In our comprehensive guide to the Shadow of Erdtree DLC you will find descriptions of boss fights, all the map fragments, fragments of the holly and talismans, NPC quests, new weapons, armor, spells and incantations. With our tips you will complete the game at 100%.

Last update: 11 July 2024

Shadow of the Erdtree DLC introduces a completely new area to Elden Ring - Land of Shadow. In our guide you will find a comprehensive set of tips and information on such aspects as: fights with story bosses (Commander Gaius, the final boss), secret and hard-to-reach locations (Cerulean Coast, Abyssal Woods), collectibles (Scadutree Fragments, Revered Spirit Ashes), or the best equipment (Spear of the Impaler, Milady). Thanks to tools such as our interactive map or numerous videos presenting the process, you will easily find your way in the Land of Shadow.

Shadow of the Erdtree: Interactive map

Our interactive map has over 900 markers enriched with descriptions, screenshots and videos. Thanks to them, you can easily analyze the most interesting places in the newly visited location, find collectibles that interest you, and navigate the Land of Shadow with ease. On the map you will find the location of such objects as: Sites of Grace, Scadutree Fragments, Revered Spirit Ashes, talismans, weapons and armor, Miquella's Crosses, map fragments, bosses and dungeons.

The search engine built into the map will allow you to locate a specific collectible, and the active legend will allow you to select only the type of markers that interest you the most. Logged in users can also use the option of placing their own private markers. To use this functionality, press the icons located in the upper left corner of the map screen.

Shadow of the Erdtree: What to do first?

If, when entering the Land of Shadow, you feel overwhelmed by the abundance of possibilities, or you had a long break from FromSoftware's games before playing Shadow of the Erdtree, you may be interested in one of our pages prepared for players just starting their adventure.

  1. On the How to prepare for DLC? you will find a number of tips that will help you prepare for the challenges in this endgame expansion. Here you will learn, among other things: which level to reach before setting off to a new location, how much to improve your Vigor, and what gear to improve or acquire before the expansion.
  2. Where to go first? page will help you take your first steps into the Land of Shadow. We indicate which places on the Gravesite Plain are worth visiting first, which bosses are worth fighting as early as possible, and how to move further into the map.

Shadow of the Erdtree: All Bosses

As befits an endgame DLC by FromSoftware, Shadow of the Erdtree offers players new fights with a set of demanding bosses. In the chapter dedicated to them, you will find tips on fighting opponents such as: Dancing Lion, Rellana, Twin Moon Knight, Commander Gaius and Messmer the Impaler. There was also information about the final fight. The videos on the website will help you to see your opponents in motion, and information about weak points, strategies and specific moves will allow you to better understand the dynamics of the fight.

Shadow of the Erdtree: Quests walkthrough

While exploring the nooks and crannies of the Land of Shadow, from time to time you will encounter an NPC. These mysterious characters will share their stories with you and give you a number of different tasks, which will often intersect with the fate of other NPCs. In the chapter devoted to quests, you will find a number of tips regarding the quests of characters such as Hornsent, Ymir, Thiollier, and Fire Knight Queelign. Maps available on the websites will help you find the right locations for individual tasks. We've also made sure to clearly highlight the consequences of decisions that appear in some chainquests.

Shadow of the Erdtree: Exploration tips

The expansion to Elden Ring, emphasizes exploration of the world in a different way. In the Secret locations chapter, we have collected instructions that will help you reach the more difficult and remote regions of the map, such as Cerulean Coast, Charo’s Hidden Grave, or Abyssal Woods. We also tell you how to solve environmental puzzles such as draining water in the Church District in the Shadow Keep or the secret passage behind the headless monument. Our detailed list of all dungeons will help everyone wishing to explore the undergrounds.

Shadow of the Erdtree: Strategies, new features, and FAQ

In the Basics chapter you will find a number of interesting issues regarding new elements and mechanics introduced in Shadow of the Erdtree. In addition to detailed lists of all new weapons, armor and spells, you will find our own ranking of weapons available in the DLC. Our authors shared their thoughts on their favorite equipment. Perhaps one of the opinions will inspire you when making a new build.

The FAQ section is devoted to questions frequently asked by the community. Here you will learn, e.g. how to fight Furnace Golems, how new types of collectibles work, where to find the O Mother gesture needed in one of the quests, and how the ending of Shadow of the Erdtree relates to the plot of the base game (beware of spoilers!).

Shadow of the Erdtree: Secrets and Collectibles

In the last chapter of the DLC guide you will find detailed information about the collectibles hidden in the Land of Shadow. In addition to the previously mentioned Scadutree Fragments and Revered Spirit Ashes, we have included a list of all new talismans and larval tears here. Each collectible has a detailed description of the location and a map that will help you find even the most hidden treasures.

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