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Elden Ring: Equip Load Elden Ring guide, walkthrough

On this page of the Elden Ring tutorial you will learn what the equip load is and if it has a strong influence on the gameplay.

Last update: 15 March 2022

This page of the Elden Ring game guide contains tips on equip burden in soulsborne games. You'll learn about Equip Load and how it affects your character if you have too much heavy equipment.

Equip Load is a mechanic that restrains players equipping too many heavy items for their character. There are 4 stages of equip burden:

  1. 29.9% or less - quick rolls. The rolls animation is fast, and you can perform it over long distances. Also, it has the most iFrames used to avoid a hit, making you invulnerable to damage during a precise dodge.
  2. 30% - 69.9% - normal rolls. The roll animation is standard, a bit slower than the previous one, but still very powerful to use, which also has iFrames, but in a slightly smaller amount.
  3. 70% - 99.9% - the so-called Fat Rolls . Rolls are slow and cover a much shorter distance than previous versions. The stamina consumption also changes. From now on, you will have a stamina regen penalty of approximately 20%, and you will also use up more of it.
  4. Over 100% - Over-encumbered state . Performing dodge rolls becomes impossible. When you attempt to roll, the character will practically stand still and move slightly forward. The standard walking animation is replaced with a slower version.
It's best to have a load capacity below 69 - Elden Ring: Equip Load - Soulsborne for beginners - Elden Ring Guide

It's best to have a load capacity below 69.9% to perform at least standard dodge rolls with iFrames. However, if you do not use this move too often, prefer heavy armor and protect yourself with a large shield, you can play with Fat Rolls with no more than 100% of your equip load.

Rings and Talismans also affect the Equip Burden. Some can increase your Equip Load allowing you to carry heavier weapons and armor.

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