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Far Cry 6 Guide

Far Cry 6 Guide

Castillo, go away Far Cry 6 guide contain complete walkthrough, maps, Beginner's Guide and the best tips for combat and exploration. All locations of Unique Weapons, Hidden Tales, Criptograma Charts, Roosters, USB songs; Treasure Hunts, trophies and system requirements.

Last update: 18 November 2021

The following guide to Far Cry 6 is a comprehensive set of information about the latest installment of the popular series of action games. Our guide will help you learn all the basic gameplay mechanics, complete the game, find 100% of the secrets and unlock the platinum trophy.

In our guide, you will find, above all, a detailed walkthrough for all Operations (main missions) and Yaran Stories (side quests). The walkthrough section has information on how to complete the mission objectives, how to defeat enemies and what unique rewards are provided for completing quests. The walkthrough also includes information about the available endings.

The next important chapter is dedicated to secrets and collectibles, such as Criptograma Chart, roosters, Hidden Histories, and USB drives. We have also included information on all the Treasure Hunts and the solutions to their puzzles, as well as all the unique weapons. The pages dedicated to the collectibles are complemented by maps, where we have shown all the main regions of the game along with the treasures and unique activities.

Another large section is the game guide, where in addition to the beginner's guide, you can find hints and tips on selected important gameplay mechanics - combat and stealth, exploration, upgrading equipment, developing guerrilla hideouts, completing mini-games, or using different types of vehicles. We have also prepared a FAQ section with answers to frequently asked questions, such as how to steal a tank, what the health indicators mean, how to get a rocket launcher, or the importance of choosing the character's gender. A separate smaller chapter describes the Amigos - pets. You will learn how to "recruit" individual pets as well as their unique abilities and attacks.

With our guide, you will easily get the platinum trophy. We have created a trophy guide detailing all the achievements available in the game. You will learn what you need to do and what are the best opportunities to unlock the achievements. You'll also find system requirements, controls, and learn about the game's length. The guide has everything you need.

Far Cry 6: Quick beginner's guide

  1. Use the radar from the bottom left corner of the screen. It contains a lot of useful information - you can, above all, see the exact or approximate locations of your opponents. You can also see vehicle icons and chests.
  2. The majority of the opponents can be described as bullet sponges. This is due to their health bars straight from an RPG. You have to remember about increasing your hero's rank and upgrading your equipment - a headshot may not always be enough to kill an enemy.
  3. Look for characters and objects marked with exclamation points. By talking to NPCs and examining interactive objects, you can gather Intel or find out about chests and enemy bases.
  4. Attacking enemies while sneaking is less risky. You can, e.g. use weapons with silencers or perform stealth executions with a machete. You should also scout each hostile location with your smartphone before entering them.
  5. Don't go to difficult regions too early. By completing operations and doing certain activities, you can earn XP and level up your hero. Wait until your rank is at least equal to that of the region.
  6. Don't ignore warnings about poor health. In Far Cry 6, the health bar can regenerate, but this does not happen during intense battles. If you are in a difficult situation, heal yourself and/or hide behind a good cover.

More hints and tips can be found on the Beginner's guide page.

Far Cry 6: All main missions

In our guide, you will find descriptions of all operations - the main missions. We have divided them according to the main regions of the map in which you start them. Doing all operations in the list is required to unlock the main ending. In addition, you can watch the secret ending at any time after completing the prologue.

Prologue - Isla Santuario region

  1. La Noche De La Muerte
  2. The Lucky One
  3. Juan of a Kind
  4. DU or Die
  5. Fire and Fury
  6. Fuel the Revolution
  7. Libertad Rises
  8. The Guerilla

Madrugada region

  1. Meet the Monteros
  2. Clear the Air
  3. Napoleon El Pequeno
  4. Blood Ties
  5. Second Son
  6. Packing Heat
  7. Sundown
  8. Bury the Hatchet
  9. Death Warrant
  10. Open Skies
  11. Diesel Daisy
  12. Fly Ball
  13. Justicia Montero

El Este region

  1. Meet the Legends
  2. Take Your Medicine
  3. Pics or It Didn't Happen
  4. The New Revolution
  5. National Treasure
  6. Room Service
  7. Knuckleball
  8. Harpoon
  9. Our Right to Party
  10. The Lion's Roar
  11. Tourist Trap
  12. Weapon of Choice
  13. Surgical Strike
  14. The Deported

Valle De Oro region

  1. Meet Maximas Matanzas
  2. Balance the Books
  3. Precious Cargo
  4. Hype Bomb
  5. Break the Chains
  6. Re-education
  7. Re-Education
  8. Guerrilla Radio
  9. Firebrand
  10. Bottle Episode
  11. Words Like Bullets
  12. Lost and Found
  13. Intervention
  14. Surgical evacuation
  15. Angel De La Muerte

Esperanza region

  1. Paradise Lost
  2. Dead Drop
  3. Against the wall
  4. The Lion's Den
  5. The Battle of Esperanza


  1. Main ending
  2. Hidden ending

Far Cry 6: All side missions

Side quests are called Yaran stories. Doing them is not required to complete the game, although they may offer various rewards. Our walkthrough divides the available optional quests according to Yara's regions where you can start them.

Libertad Island

  1. Supremacy
  2. Triada Blessing

Madrugada region

  1. Who's a Good Boy?
  2. Fetch Quest
  3. Spur of the Moment
  4. Over Easy
  5. Backseat Driver
  6. Stealing Thunder
  7. Heavy Metal
  8. Model Citizen

El Este region

  1. Man's Best Enemy
  2. Pecking Orders
  3. Winger
  4. The First Love
  5. Undercover Stud
  6. Tricks of the Trade
  7. Everything to Lose
  8. Nothing to Hide
  9. We're Unjammin'
  10. Loose Ends
  11. The Seeds of Love

Valle De Oro region

  1. Boom or Bust
  2. Wing and a Prayer
  3. Big Papi in Little Yara
  4. Shock therapy
  5. Tanks for the Likes
  6. Stealing Home

Esperanza region

  1. Paint the Town

Far Cry 6: World atlas

In the World Atlas chapter, you will find information about all the regions you can visit. You will learn what you can find there and at what level you should go to specific places.

  1. Isla Santuario
  2. Libertad Island
  3. Madrugada
  4. Valle de Oro
  5. El Este
  6. Esperanza
  7. Isla Del Leon

Far Cry 6: Unique Weapons

In the Unique Weapons chapter, you will find information about all the special weapons you can find on the map. In addition to their location, you will learn about the modifications that the unique weapons have.

  1. Rifles
  2. Sniper rifles
  3. Shotguns
  4. Pistols
  5. Auto-pistols
  6. Submachine guns
  7. Light machine guns
  8. Bows
  9. Launchers

Far Cry 6: Treasure Hunts

In the Treasure Hunts chapter, you will find a detailed solution for each activity. Treasure hunts are special quests that you can encounter while traveling through the game world. They have no impact on the plot, nor the relationship with other characters.


  1. The Mongoose and the Man
  2. The Legend of La Princesa
  3. High Supply
  4. Cache Money
  5. Crocodile Tears
  6. Ida's Triada Relic


  1. The Last One to Leave

Valle de Oro

  1. The Missing Muse
  2. Oku's Triada Relic
  3. And the Beat Goes On...
  4. The Truest Yaran
  5. Liquid Courage
  6. Sword-Crossed Lovers

El Este

  1. A Little Birdie Told Me
  2. A Rising Tide
  3. Passing The Torch
  4. Sweet Fifteen
  5. Mimo Abosi's Triada Relic
  6. The Emerald Skull
  7. Parting Gifts
  8. The Long Drop

Far Cry 6: Criptograma Charts

In the Cryptogram Cards section, you will find the exact location of each card available in the game.

  1. Isla Santuario
  2. Madrugada
  3. Valle de Oro
  4. El Este
  5. Esperanza

Far Cry 6: Hidden Histories

In the Hidden Stories chapter, you will find the exact location of each of Hidden Histories available in the game. These are hidden in various places on the map, and you can often come across them during missions.

  1. Isla Santuario
  2. Libertad Islands
  3. Madrugada
  4. Valle De Oro 1/2
  5. Valle De Oro 2/2
  6. El Este 1/2
  7. El Este 2/2
  8. Esperanza
  9. Isla Del Leon

Far Cry 6: Roosters and USB songs

In the Others section, you will find the exact location of all the Roosters and USB Songs.

  1. Roosters
  2. USB Songs

Far Cry 6: Mythical Animals

In the Mythical Animals chapter, you will find the exact location of all the special animals that you can defeat to create new armor.

  1. Mamutito
  2. Black Demoníaco
  3. White Demoníaco
  4. Venodiente
  5. Sanguinario

Far Cry 6: Amigos - pets

Our guide has all the most important information about the Amigos, i.e. pets that can accompany the main character and help you eliminate enemies, distract them, or find treasure.

  1. Basic information about Amigos
  2. Guapo
  3. Chorizo
  4. Chicharron
  5. Boom Boom
  6. K-9000 (DLC)
  7. Oluso

Far Cry 6: Game guide

This section has information on all the major gameplay mechanics. You will be able to better understand the basics of the game and the various mechanics that can help you win fights, avoid detection, complete mini-games, or explore the map. We have also prepared several lists, including the most useful weapons and supremos (backpacks with special attacks).

  1. Los Bandidos Operations
  2. Microtransactions
  3. Hunting and fishing
  4. Best Supremos
  5. Best weapons - list
  6. Best weapons for stealth kills
  7. Traders
  8. Insurgency Leaders
  9. World exploration
  10. Difficulty levels
  11. Mini-games - dominoes and cockfighting
  12. Special Operations
  13. Guerilla camps and their expansion
  14. Smartphone
  15. Vehicles and other means of transport
  16. Heat
  17. Combat and stealth
  18. Character development

Far Cry 6: FAQ

In the FAQ section, you can find answers to various frequently asked questions. These may be things you don't understand or things you wish you had known before you started playing the game.

  1. Choosing the protagonist's gender - does it matter?
  2. Wingsuit - how to unlock?
  3. Hidden ending - is there one?
  4. Tank - how to steal?
  5. Locked door - how to open?
  6. Health indicators - how to turn them off?
  7. Rocket launcher - how to obtain?
  8. Helicopters - how to destroy?
  9. Killing dogs - is it mandatory?
  10. Game world - is it big?
  11. Bow and crossbow - how to get it?
  12. Flashlight - is it available?
  13. Saving - how to save?
  14. Romances - are there any?
  15. Anti-aircraft cannons - how to destroy?
  16. Tank - how to steal?
  17. The choice regarding McKay - does it matter?
  18. Fast travel - how to unlock and use?
  19. Esperanza - can you fly over it?
  20. Ranks and XP - how to advance?
  21. Time of day - can you change it?
  22. Inventory capacity - how to increase?
  23. New equipment - how to get it?
  24. Money - how to earn it?

Far Cry 6: Trophies & platinum

Far Cry 6 has 54 trophies - one of them is a platinum trophy (PS4/PS5 only). On the Trophies/Achievements page, you can find information on how to fulfill the requirements for each achievement and what they require you to do.

We've covered the more problematic trophies on separate pages:

  1. Ninjerilla
  2. Finders Keepers!
  3. Friendly Skies
  4. It's Raining Treasure!
  5. Hogar Dulce Hogar
  6. Fry Cry
  7. Furiously Fast
  8. Road Rage
  9. Jawson Brody
  10. Didn't See That Coming!
  11. Toxic Influence
  12. Car Cry - how to get it?
  13. Outdated Tech
  14. Death From Above

Far Cry 6: Game's length

Far Cry 6 is a long game and probably the biggest Far Cry out of all in the series. The game has a very extensive map consisting of 5 large regions. There are plenty of main and side quests to complete, and the locations you visit hide lots of secrets and unique treasures.

If you focus only on the main story, you should finish the game in about 15-20 hours. However, if you want to discover everything and get the platinum trophy, you will have to spend at least several dozen hours. You can find more information about Far Cry 6 content on the Game's length page.

Far Cry 6: PC system requirements

  1. Operating system: Windows 10 64-bits
  2. Processor: Intel Core i5-4460 3.2 GHz / AMD Ryzen 3 1200 3.1 GHz
  3. RAM: 8 GB
  4. Graphics card: GeForce GTX 960 / Radeon RX 460
  5. Disk space: 60 GB
  6. GPU memory: 4 GB

The minimum system requirements will allow you to run the game at 1080p resolution, in low details, and 30 frames per second. You can find more information about the requirements and the game's performance on the System requirements page.

About Far Cry 6 Guide

Author : Natalia "N.Tenn" Fras for

Translator : Matthew Sawka & Jakub "Yossarian" Nowak

Use the comments below to submit your updates and corrections to this guide.

Far Cry 6 Video Game

  • genre: Action

  • developer: Ubisoft
  • publisher: Ubisoft
  • platform: PC, PS4, XONE, PS5, XSX

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