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Best Friend Forever
Best Friend Forever

Adventure May 2020

Best Friend Forever is a combination of a game focused on animal care with a dating simulator. The action described in the production takes place in a fictional city - Rainbow Bay - where the player seeks his love.

Table Manners
Table Manners

Simulation 14 February 2020

Table Manners is a similar to Cooking Simulator, a humorous arcade game that is also a dating simulator. Echo Chamber Games is responsible for the creation of the title.

Dream Daddy: A Dad Dating Simulator
Dream Daddy: A Dad Dating Simulator

Simulation 20 July 2017

A hilarious dating simulator, which is the debut project of Game Grumps - a studio founded by YouTubers from a popular channel devoted to video gaming. Dream Daddy: A Dad Dating Simulator tells the story of a lonely father, who along with his daughter, moves to a sleepy town Maple Bay. Soon after their arrival, it turns out that all the males in the neighborhood have lived lives similar to that of the protagonist - he decides to arrange a date with one of them. This is when the player enters the stage and further developments in the story depend entirely on them. Assuming the role of the father, the player has to take care of his daughter Amanda and leads the protagonist through his romantic journey. The experience focuses on trying to inspire romantic feelings towards the protagonist in one of seven males differing in their appearances and personalities. The player talks to them, completes different quests and takes part in various mini-games. The game relies on the visual novel formula.

Senran Kagura Reflexions
Senran Kagura Reflexions

Adventure 13 September 2018

A spin-off of the Senran Kagura series. It is an adventure game, in which the players are spending time with one of the main female protagonists of the series. The game was designed to take advantage of the unique functions of Nintendo Switch.

Hatoful Boyfriend
Hatoful Boyfriend

Adventure 04 September 2014

Original Japanese visual novel game. The main character moves to a secondary school for intelligent and speaking birds. On the spot she can make friends with her students and find true love.

Monster Prom
Monster Prom

Adventure 27 April 2018

A dating simulator, in which we court one of the six students of Spooky High and try to succeed before the titular Monster Prom takes place. During the game, we often take part in absurd situations, and the game’s final result largely depends on the decisions we make.

Song of Memories
Song of Memories

Adventure 28 February 2018

An adventure game made in a visual novel style with elements of dating sims and jRPGs, created by Pure Wish studio. The story of Song of Memories is focused on two high school students: Minato Kamishiro who is raising his sister and his friend, Kanon Hiiragi. The lives of those two gain unexpected momentum when the world suffers from a dangerous virus that increases violence in women that are infected by it. The gameplay is typical for this genre and is about following the story and making decisions that have impact on future events. The game also has tactical, turn based battles during which we can use unique abilities of our characters. Dialogues are fully voiced and the graphics, featuring manga style, offer much more animations than typical visual novel titles which is achieved by the use of special system, called E-mote.

Song of Unleash
Song of Unleash

Adventure 2020

Song of Unleash is designed for PlayStation 4 and PC visual novel, following on from Song of Memories released in Japan in 2017. The production combines a well-developed plot with elements of gameplay from dating simulators.

Kitty Powers' Matchmaker
Kitty Powers' Matchmaker

Simulation 03 September 2014

A dating simulator in which the player takes on the role of a matrimonial office worker. Its task is to unite individual customers into pairs and to increase the company's reputation. The whole was kept in a characteristic, kitschy style.

The Charming Empire
The Charming Empire

Adventure 19 April 2017

Dating simulator, whose action was set in Japan from the Taisho period. During the game we play Amane Kosaka, who goes to the royal court by order of her brother - Soshi Amazaka. During the struggle, the girl learns not only the secrets of the palace, but also the men who live in it, in order to fall in love with one of them after some time.

Dream Club Zero
Dream Club Zero

Simulation 27 January 2011

The next installment of a dating simulator in which players take on the role of a tired Japanese single, visiting a Japanese bar with hostesses every night and trying to win the heart of one of the women working in it. During the game players try to find out more about their choice and make an appointment with her for the next dating. The title has new heroines and mini-games unavailable in the first part of the cycle.

Azure Dreams
Azure Dreams

RPG 13 November 1997

Hybrid jRPG and roguelike production, enriched with elements taken from dating simulators. As we play, we take control of Kohem, a warrior who travels the floors of the Monster Tower, in search of answers about the mysterious disappearance of his father. During his voyages, heros gains not only more and more powerful equipment, but also eggs from which monsters hatch - these can accompany him in his struggle and help in clashes with more and more powerful adversaries.

Dream Club
Dream Club

Simulation 27 August 2009

A dating simulator in which players take on the role of a hero tired of everyday work. He visits a Japanese hostess bar every night and tries to win the heart of one of the women working there. During the game players try to find out more about their choice and make an appointment with her for the next dating. In addition to adventure elements, the title also includes arcade mini-games.

Thousand Arms
Thousand Arms

RPG 17 December 1998

Maintained in the steampunk climates and style of Japanese animations, unusual production combining RPG elements with a dating simulator.