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Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout news and interesting facts

Fall Guys Trailer Reveals Crossover With Among Us

hexx0, 15 March 2021, 18:53

Today, Devolver Digital released a trailer for Fall Guys season 4. The material suggests a crossover between last year's game and the hit of recent months, Among Us.

SF Map Coming in Fall Guys Season Four

Qskan, 11 March 2021, 14:40

Today we learned more details about the fourth season of Fall Guys. This time the game will adopt SF themes. Developers also presented a teaser and revealed the name of a new map.

Fall Guys Devs Acquired by Epic Games

Adrian Werner, 03 March 2021, 10:26

Mediatonic, the developers of the popular Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockdown, have been acquired by Epic Games. The game is still to be sold via Steam.

New Season of Fall Guys Will Take Us to Year 4041

Adrian Werner, 24 February 2021, 13:53

It has been revealed that season 4 of Fall Guys is subtitled 4041 and will take us to a retro-futuristic version of the distant future.

First 2021 Nintendo Direct Highlights: Major Trailers

Entelarmer, 18 February 2021, 12:00

The latest Nintendo Direct presentation is behind us. Nintendo announced a lot of titles, including many refreshed versions of older titles.

Fall Guys Season 3.5 to Introduce New Level and Godzilla Costume

Aquma, 26 January 2021, 10:43

Developers at Mediatonic have announced new content that will be coming to Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout with the release of season 3.5. We'll be getting a new level and some outfits, among other things.

Doom Coming to Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout This Month

LuthFuin, 08 January 2021, 20:37

Mediatonic, the devs of Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout, continue to surprise with new content. In December, the third season began, expanding the game with completely new challenges and outfits, and on January 12, we will be able to dress up our character in... costumes inspired by the dynamic shooter - Doom.

The Game Awards 2020 Summary

Adrian Werner, 11 December 2020, 15:42

We have prepared for you a summary of The Game Awards gala, gathering all the most important videos shown during this event in one place.

Fall Guys Sales on Steam Exceed 11 Million Copies

Adrian Werner, 02 December 2020, 12:54

Mediatonic has reasons of satisfaction. The team boasted that more than 11 million copies of Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout have already been sold on Steam alone.

Fall Guys Season 3 is Winter Knockout

Adrian Werner, 26 November 2020, 10:27

The team at Mediatonic announced that the next season of Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout will be called Winter Knockout. As the title suggests, this time we will get costumes and maps related to winter.

Fall Guys Goes Big on Steam With Over 10 Million Copies Sold

Entelarmer, 14 November 2020, 18:03

In September, Fall Guys recorded a phenomenal success. By the end of the third quarter, Mediatonic's game sold 10 million copies on Steam, thus improving its excellent result from August.

Fall Guys Update Will Introduce New Level

Entelarmer, 10 November 2020, 14:43

Mediatonic is preparing another update for Fall Guys. The game will soon receive a new level with big windmills and a bunch of changes and improvements.

Players Return to Fall Guys as Season 2 Launches

Aquma, 09 October 2020, 10:00

The devs at Mediatonic have released the latest update for Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout, with which the second season has begun.

Fall Guys Season 2 Launch Date Announced

washi, 02 October 2020, 21:53

Mediatonic has announced the official launch date of the 2nd season of Fall Guys, which will introduce a lot of novelties.

Anyone Among Us Still Remembers Fall Guys?

Entelarmer, 01 October 2020, 11:59

Fall Guys was the most popular game of August, but in September it had to yield to Among Us. The work of Innersloth easily broke records of Mediatonic's game, which has clearly lost its popularity in recent weeks.

Fall Guys is the Biggest Digital PC Debut Since Overwatch

Entelarmer, 23 September 2020, 21:49

SuperData analytics group summarized the global digital distribution in August. The industry has had a very successful month, but the biggest winner was the debuting Fall Guys, which outclassed all competition on PC.

Cheater Islands in Fall Guys - A Cheater Battle Story

Adrian Werner, 15 September 2020, 11:13

The creators of Fall Guys revealed that for some time they secretly sent cheating players to cheater islands, where they had to spend time in the company of similar users, instead of poisoning the lives of the rest of the community.

Disabled Player Wins Crown in Fall Guys Using a Hat

Entelarmer, 11 September 2020, 17:44

Steven Spohn from the AbleGamer Foundation boasted of his victory in Fall Guys. He did it using an unusual hat-shaped controller.

Cheater Scourge in Fall Guys; Devs Declare War

Aquma, 07 September 2020, 10:36

Developers at Mediatonic have announced that Fall Guys will see improvements in the anti-cheater system this week. The developers are also planning further steps to protect honest players from cheaters.

Medieval Fall Guys; Season 2 Adds New Maps and Skins

Karol Laska , 27 August 2020, 21:42

A large update is coming to the multi-player arcade game Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout to inaugurate the second season of the colourful bean racing. New modes and cosmetic items will be added.

Fall Guys Breaks a Historic PS Plus Record; 7 Million Users on Steam

Entelarmer, 26 August 2020, 20:58

Fall Guys continues to conquer digital distribution platforms. According to Devolver Digital, the game is already the most downloaded title in the history of PS Plus service. It is also doing great on Steam.

Second Season of Fall Guys Will be Announced at GamesCom 2020

Frozen, 22 August 2020, 15:30

Geoff Keighley revealed on Twitter that during Opening Night Live, the opening stream of GamesCom 2020, we will get the first details about the second season of Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout.

Unlucky Fall Guys Player Finally Wins - Ninja and Twitch Congratulate

Dameredet, 21 August 2020, 11:39

A player who couldn't win finally takes the crown. He was congratulated by famous streamers, including Ninja. Meanwhile, Twitch noticed the success of Fall Guys.

Streamer Becomes Popular by Losing in Fall Guys

Froozyy, 19 August 2020, 14:43

Streamer TimTheTatman hasn't won any game in Fall Guys: UItimate Knockout yet, which makes his live Twitch broadcasts more and more popular. A few days ago there was also a situation where a player helped an inactive opponent advance to the next round.

Hundreds of Thousands of Dollars for Fall Guys Skin; Companies Sponsor a Worthy Cause

Dameredet, 18 August 2020, 14:56

The devs of Fall Guys decided to take advantage of the popularity of their game and organized a charity auction. The winner will receive a dedicated skin in the game.