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News video games 12 October 2022, 17:25

2020 Hit is Dying; Community Sounds Alarm and Asks for Changes

Fall Guys, which not long ago was breaking records in popularity, is now in crisis. Players, eager to act, are proposing their changes to the game, and Twitter has been flooded with posts tagged #savefallguys.

The item, which not so long ago was (again) quite successful with its transition to free-to-play model, today, according to players, is in serious trouble. The condition of Fall Guys according to many, leaves much to be desired, and the game itself needs saving from the imminent death that threatens it if nothing changes.


This hashtag has been gaining quite a bit of popularity lately on Twitter. Players express their dissatisfaction with the game's current condition in their posts.

According to Fall Guys fans, one of the main problems is the matchmaking system, which is geared toward fierce competition, and matchmaking participants are often mismatched within a single game; holders of Crown Rank sometimes have to face players with almost twice the skill level.

2020 Hit is Dying; Community Sounds Alarm and Asks for Changes - picture #1

Source: Twitter - Fard Studio

A solution that often comes through in fan suggestions is the well-known division into a ranked mode, where you can play for serious stakes, and a casual mode, in which the competition is a little less fierce, and newcomers have a place to polish their skills.

Expensive and boring

The list of complaints does not end with matchmaking, however. Among the things to be improved, the lack of variation within each round during the match is often mentioned.

In addition, the store leaves much to be desired, where you can buy Season Passes and cosmetic items for in-game currencies. Yes, currencies, because Fall Guys has two types of them: Kudos and Show-Bucks. The former can be obtained for completing various challenges or during events, but the number of items you can get for Kudos is limited.

The rest are earned with the aforementioned Show-Bucks, bought with real money, which is also not to the liking of players - they want a reduction in prices, both of currency and items that can be bought with Kudos.

2020 Hit is Dying; Community Sounds Alarm and Asks for Changes - picture #2

The list of allegations is longSource: Twitter - DogeKingYT

To the list of complaints can be added boring special events, a lot of bugs, as well as a lack of contact between Mediatonic (the developer) and the game's community.

As a result, #savefallguys is gaining ground on social media; it remains to wait for the developers' response.

  1. Fall Guys - official website

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