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Real-time strategy (RTS) produced by 22 Cans studio led by Peter Molyneux. Godus lets you take on the role of a god who has to ensure the welfare and safety of his followers and get rid of his competitors.

Strategy | fantasy | Economic | RTS | play for free | Playing god | crowdfunding | indie games

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Godus is a real-time strategy game which belongs to the subgenre known as the 'god game. The game was established to be the spiritual successor of the Populous series. The project was produced by 22 Cans studio led by Peter Molyneux, the father of such franchises as Dungeon Keeper, Black & White and Populous well.

Peter Molyneux started this type of games and Godus represents the evolution of the whole concept by adding extensive multiplayer options and the use of modern graphics engine. The players assume the role of a god who cares about the welfare and safety of his followers. A set of supernatural powers allows, among others, to influence the shape of the land so we can create the ideal conditions for the development of our community of followers. People inhabiting the game world are controlled by a dynamic artificial intelligence.

The power of every god depends on the number of his worshipers. We start from only two followers, but this number is growing rapidly with erecting new buildings. Sooner or later, however, it is necessary to abandon the peaceful development and go to conquer the land belonging to other civilizations, supporting our army in battles with powerful combat spells. At any time, we can possess any subordinate unit of our civilization and direct him/her from a first person perspective.

One of the new features is the way the system of civilization was implemented. Now, the player collects the cards representing raw materials, technologies, and finally eras of civilization. They are in crates or temples. The go from an ancient era to the Bronze Age the player needs to explore the area and have a bit of luck. This approach has other pros as well, because on the maps there are various hidden various temples which guarantee bonuses to our subjects.

Godus offers both a campaign and a number of independent play modes design for solo play or with other players. In the multiplayer we can fight other people or join forces with them in co-operation mode against the artificial intelligence. The online and social aspects of the game are made more attractive by the option of starting ones own sect, which is developed and shaped by successive victories or defeats.

Game mode: single / multiplayer  

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Age restrictions Godus: Good for all ages.

Godus System requirements

Apple iOS

Apple iOS

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  • Internet connection is required
Android OS

Android OS

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  • Internet connection is required
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