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Grand Theft Auto V
Grand Theft Auto V

Action 17 September 2013

The fifth major installment in the massively popular action game series developed by Rockstar North in cooperation with Take Two Interactive. Grand Theft Auto V is set in a fictional city of Los Santos (based on Los Angeles). The story revolves around adventures of three characters: Michael De Santa, Trevor Philips, and Franklin Clinton, men infamous for brushing up against the law. The game’s creators stayed true to the franchise tradition of sandbox gameplay model, giving players an unparalleled freedom of choice when it comes to completing missions and moving around the virtual city. The game's budget amounted to 360 million dollars, a record number for a video game.

Life is Strange 2
Life is Strange 2

Adventure 27 September 2018

The second entry in the series of episodic adventure games developed by Dontnod Entertainment. Similarly to the previous entry in the series, the story in Life is Strange 2 is non-linear and its course is determined by the decisions made by the players during the game.

Riot: Civil Unrest
Riot: Civil Unrest

Strategy 05 February 2019

A riot simulation strategy game. Riot is the debut production from Stimunation, an Italian studio whose lead designer is a former cutscene producer at Valve. The action of Riot takes place in modern times. The society is forced to resort to mass rioting because of an economic crisis. The developers prepared an extensive campaign that lets us take part in the most famous riots of the recent years either as the protesting crowd or the police that try to restore order. The game also features a hot-seat multiplayer mode. What’s important, Riot doesn’t make fun of its subject but tries to present its essence. To faithfully recreate the reasons and the course of various riots, the developers interviewed people that participated in them on both sides. Virtual protests are shown in attractive pixel-art graphics that brings the visuals of Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP to mind.

Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six
Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six

Action 22 August 1998


RPG 2022

Unusual, ambitious MMORPG, which breaks with stereotypes characteristic for this genre. Instead of fighting monsters and grinds, Identity's creators offer a huge world, operating on principles similar to the real world.

Rebel Inc.
Rebel Inc.

Strategy 06 December 2018

Rebel Inc. is a strategy in which our task is to prevent overturns in a fictional state. When fighting with rebels, we must both invest in strengthening the army and maintain a high level of satisfaction among civilians.


RPG 2020

Nighthawks is a text RPG in which we play the role of a young vampire trying to survive in a world where humanity has learned the truth about the existence of bloodthirsty people. The game places great emphasis on the storyline, offering a non-linear adventure and forcing us to make difficult choices.