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Titanic: Honor and Glory (PC cover
Game Box forTitanic: Honor and Glory (PC)

Titanic: Honor and Glory

A first-person adventure game from ORM Entertainment, which was initially supposed to be nothing more than modification to the popular shooter Crysis 2. Its story revolves around the disaster of the famous ocean liner, which sunk in 1912 with hundreds of people on board.

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Titanic: Honor and Glory for PC, PS4 and XONE is an adventure game taking place on RMS Titanic – a huge passenger ship that, after ramming into an iceberg, sank during its maiden voyage in 1912. Hundreds of passengers died, and the accident went down in history as one of the most tragic maritime catastrophes. An independent studio - ORM Entertainment - have taken onto their shoulder the recreation of this event in an interactive form. Initially, the production was supposed to be a simple mod of Crysis 2, but in the end it became a separate, independent project.


The events of course take place in 1912. We play as man named Robert Morgan, who is falsely accused of a terrifying crime. The adventure starts in the harbor of Southampton, where we meet the protagonist who is running away from police while trying to pin down the real offender. Our first task is to get aboard the Titanic, and then – during the voyage – search for evidence that will prove his innocence, while avoiding those who might recognize him as a criminal. A calm journey lasts for five days, until Titanic collides with an iceberg – then events start to speed up, and getting safely away from the sinking liner becomes another task for Robert Morgan, equally important as gathering the evidence.


The above story, however, is just an addition to main attraction, which is the RMS Titanic itself. Aside from the story mode, in which we help Robert Morgan to clear his name, there is also a free roaming mode. It gives us opportunity to leisurely explore Southampton harbor (most of it as least), not to mention the gigantic ship itself. Developers have made their point of honor to reconstruct the ship as faithfully as possible – they gathered vast amount of data about it to recreate every detail of the liner itself, and the course of its maiden voyage. Thanks to that, we can literally look into every corner of the Titanic, interacting with many objects aboard.

Last updated on 22 December 2023

Game mode: single player  

Expectations: 8.8 / 10 based on 504 votes.

Age restrictions Titanic: Honor and Glory: Good for all ages.

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