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Warframe news and interesting facts

Warframe - Lua Thrax Plasm Guide; How to Get and Everything You Need to Know

Dawid Lubczynski, 02 December 2022, 13:42

This guideis about Lua Thrax Plasm in Warframe. It will tell you what Lua Thrax Plasm is, how you can get it, and what you can get for it.

Feast for Warframe Fans; Two New Expansions Announced

Adrian Werner, 17 July 2022, 16:47

Digital Extremes has decided to make fans of the online game Warframe happy by announcing two more expansions - Veilbreaker and The Duviri Paradox.

Warframe: Angels of the Zariman Release Date Revealed

Adrian Werner, 09 April 2022, 15:59

We have learned the release date of Angels of the Zariman, the next expansion for Warframe. New information about the content of this expansion was revealed and presented in videos.

Warframe: Angels of the Zariman Expansion Announced

Dawid Wanat, 30 January 2022, 13:50

A new expansion for Warframe - Angels of the Zariman - was officially announced at Friday's developer stream. The DLC is expected to be a direct continuation of the storyline of The New War.

Free DLC Warframe: New War Gets Release Date and Cinematic Trailer

Jacob Blazewicz, 01 December 2021, 21:56

The story expansion for Warframe is coming soon. The exact release date of The New War update is revealed in a spectacular trailer.

Warframe: New War Expansion Release Date Revealed

Adrian Werner, 13 November 2021, 19:48

Warframe devs have announced that the New War expansion will debut this December. The Prime Resurgence event, on the other hand, will launch next week with some interesting items to collect.

Warframe The New War Launching on All Platforms Simultaneously

, 18 July 2021, 20:00

During yesterday's TennoCon 2021, new information was shared about the upcoming Warframe: The New War expansion. The developers also showed a 30-minute gameplay.

Warframe New War Expansion Coming Soon

Adrian Werner, 13 July 2021, 12:38

In a few days the TennoCon event will start. During it we will see The New War expansion for Warframe and take part in an event announcing this expansion.

Tencent Buys Devs of Warframe and Gears Tactics

Michael Kulakowski, 23 December 2020, 20:13

Chinese technology giant Tencent has become the owner of the majority of shares in the Hong Kong-based company Leyou. Thus, two western devteams became its property: Warframe devs at Digital Extremes and British studio Splash Damage, responsible for games such as Brink, Dirty Bomb and Gears Tactics.

Warframe Remains Popular; New Records on Steam and Twitch

Paul Wozniak, 11 August 2020, 21:07

The TennoCon 2020 event, which took place in Warframe earlier this month, attracted enough interest from players to break the game's activity record on Steam. A new best result in the number of people watching the game on Twitch was also established.

Sony Wants to Acquire Devs of Warframe and Gears Tactics

Frozen, 04 July 2020, 20:36

Sony is considering acquisition of the Hong Kong-based Leyou Technologies, which includes Digital Extremes (creators of Warframe) and Splash Damage (co-creators of Gears Tactics).

Warframe Will be Coming to PS5 and Xbox Series X

Bart Swiatek, 29 March 2020, 14:52

The popular online Warframe will receive versions dedicated to PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X. The information was provided by the owner of Digital Extremes responsible for the game.

Warframe - Intro, Empyrean Gameplay and Other Stuff from TennoCon 2019

Adrian Werner, 08 July 2019, 09:49

The TennoCon 2019 event proved to be very fruitful for Warframe fans. The game was enriched with new armor and an impressive intro. A special event, scheduled for 10 weeks, also started. The show also featured an extensive gameplay from the upcoming Empyrean expansion, as well as trailers of attractions planned for the future, including a third open-world region.

Warframe Celebrates 6th Anniversary With 50 Million Users

Frozen, 26 March 2019, 12:21

Warframe, the free-to-play online shooter from Digital Extremes, is celebrating its sixth anniversary. On the occasion, the developers have prepared some gifts for the users and provided a number of interesting stats.

Operation Buried Debts and Hildryn Coming to Warframe

Adrian Werner, 09 March 2019, 01:02

Long-term community event Operation: Buried Debts begins in Warframe. The devs have also added a new armor and introduced numerous improvements to the melee weapon combat system.

2019 in Warframe - Empyrean expansion and new enemy faction

Adrian Werner, 21 January 2019, 13:07

Digital Extremes has revealed Warframe's development plans for this year. We will receive new adventures and armor, Empyrean add-on with space battles, reworked weapon systems and daily challenges. The game world will also get a new enemy faction.

Warframe: Plains of Eidolon expansion is out on PC

luckie, 13 October 2017, 12:20

Warframe players on Steam can now begin exploration of the Plains of Eidolon, a new open-world region introduced to that free-to-play co-op shooter.