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Hogwarts Legacy Guide

Table of Contents

Hogwarts Legacy: List of all collectibles Hogwarts Legacy guide

There are plenty of items to collect in Hogwarts Legacy. Here you will find a list of all the collectables, divided by the main regions in the game.

Last update: 16 March 2023

Our list of all collectibles will help you get everything that Hogwarts Legacy has to offer. We cover items in Hogwarts, Hogsmeade and the Highlands. Consult this page if you want to learn the locations of Collection Chests, Field Guide Pages, Demiguise Statues, Merlin's Trials, and other remaining collectibles and attain 100% completion of the game.

In all, there are following collectibles to find in the game:

  1. 236 Field Guide Pages including 150 Revelio Pages;
  2. 30 Demiguise Statues that hold the Demiguise Moons;
  3. 156 Collection Chests;
  4. 95 Merlin Trials;
  5. 32 Balloons;
  6. 15 Astronomy Tables;
  7. 20 Landing Platforms;
  8. 20 Ancient Magic Hotspots;
  9. 18 Infamous Foes.


  1. Demiguise Statues - on this page we describe where to find 10 Demiguise Statues in Hogwarts.
  2. Collection Chests Part 1 - here you can check the locations of Collection Chests appearing in Hogwarts - among the loot, you'll find collector items and wand handles.
  3. Collection Chests part 2 - this is the second part of Collection Chests in Hogwarts.
  4. Depulso Puzzle Room 1 - a room with multiple puzzles unlocked during the course of The Hall of Herodiana side quest. View the dedicated page of the guide to find solutions for all Depulso and Accio puzzles.
  5. Depulso Puzzle Room 2 - another room with Depulso and Accio puzzles . We show step by step how to reach all chests here.

Field Guide Pages:

  1. The Great Hall - in this area there are 24 Field Guide Pages to find. Some involve completing Empty Paintings puzzles or using Levioso and Revelio.
  2. The South Wing - in this part of the Castle there are 23 Field Guide Pages to find . We show step by step how to access all collectibles.
  3. The Grand Staircase - on this page we show the locations of 26 Field Guide Pages in The Grand Staircase part of Hogwarts . Some pages are in the air and some are found in braziers.
  4. The Astronomy Wing - in this wing of the Castle there are 23 Field Guide Pages to find . Some involve completing Empty Paintings puzzles or using Revelio.
  5. The Library Annex - in this part of castle, there are 20 Field Guide Pages to find.
  6. The Bell Tower Wing part 1 - there are 34 Field Guide Pages in this part of the Castle. Our tips will help you collect all secrets and how to use Revelio to find them.
  7. The Bell Tower Wing part 2 - the second part of Bell Tower Wing Field Guide Pages. Among the collectibles, there are flying pages and those that involve using Levioso .


  1. Field Guide Pages part 1 - here we marked the locations of the Field Guide Pages in Hogsmeade. Thanks to our tips you will find all Revelio Pages.
  2. Field Guide Pages part 2 - here you will find the rest of the Field Guide Pages in Hogsmeade. There are 55 pages in the village.
  3. Demiguise Statues - on this page you will learn how to collect 9 Demiguise Statues in Hogsmeade. We explain in detail how to get to all Demiguise Moons.
  4. Collection Chests - there are 5 Collection Chests in Hogsmeade. We marked the location of each chest.

The Highlands

  1. Infamous Foes - here we explain where to find Infamous Foes in the Highlands. We describe how the fight with each opponent looks like.
  2. Demiguise Moons - here we show locations of 11 Demiguise Moons found in Highlands.
  3. Ancient Magic Hotspots Part 1 - there are 20 Hotspots to find in this region - collecting them all will allow you to tap into the power of Ancient Magic.
  4. Ancient Magic Hotspots Part 2 - part 2 of Highlands Hotspots. We show how to find and collect bits of Ancient Magic in order to activate the hotspot.

Merlin Trials:

  1. North Ford Bog - check this page if you want to learn how to solve all the Merlin Trials in the North Ford Bog Region.
  2. Hogsmeade Valley - on this page we have described Merlin Trials in Hogsmeade Valley. We explain how to find and solve them.
  3. Forbidden Forest - here you will find out where to find Merlin Trials in The Forbidden Forest. We provide a solution to each puzzle.
  4. North Hogwarts Region - here you will find the solutions to the Merlin Trials in the North Hogwarts Region. We described all 5 puzzles in this location.
  5. Hogwarts South Region - there are 15 Merlin Trials to complete in this region.
  6. Feldcroft Region - in Feldcroft, there are 16 Merlin Trials to find and complete.
  7. Hogwarts Valley - in the Castle valley there are 16 Merlin Trials to complete. In all cases, we provide solutions for the trials - completing enough of these tasks unlock inventory extensions.
  8. Poidsear Coast - there are 10 Merlin Trials in this region.
  9. Marunweem Lake - in the lake area, you can find and complete 4 Trials. Solving the Trials will involve using Flipendo and Depulso - we describe all of this in our description.
  10. Manor Cape - look for 5 Merlin Trials in this part of Highlands.
  11. Clagmar Coast - on this page you can read more about 5 unique Trials appearing in this region.
  12. Cragcroftshire - the final 5 Merlin Trials in Highlands are found in this region. Along with locations of Trials, we supply walkthroughs for them.

Collection Chests:

  1. North Ford Bog - in this region you will find 7 Collection Chests .
  2. Forbidden Forest - there are 6 Collection Chests in the forest region. Some of them are found at bandit camps and Horklump Hollow.
  3. Hogsmeade Valley - 8 Chests from this region are found around Overlook Mine, Upper Hogsfield and this region's bandit camp.
  4. North Hogwarts Region - there are 7 Collection Chests in this region. During your quest to find the chests, you'll visit Korrow Ruins and Collector's Cave.
  5. South Hogwarts Region - there are 9 Collection Chests to find in this region. Getting them all will involve completing Tangled Web side quest and visiting Mary Portman's Cellar.
  6. Hogwarts Valley - there are as many as 15 Collection Chests in this region. The journey will take you to Dale Family Tomb, The Mine's Eye, and Gilded Perch.
  7. Feldcroft Region - in this part of the Highlands you will have the opportunity to find 22 Collection Chests. The quest to find the chests will take you to Feldcroft Catacomb and Moonstone Garden.
  8. South Sea Bog - only 1 Collection Chest is found here, but getting it will involve visiting a bandit camp and defeating 2 trolls.
  9. Coastal Caverns - one Collection Chest to find, but getting it will require a visit to Tomb of Treachery.
  10. Poidsear Coast - in this region there are 8 Collection Chests to find. Getting them all will require a visit to Phoenix Mountain Cave, a quest location in the mission from Deek.
  11. Marunweem Lake - in the lake area there are 15 Collection Chests to find, some containing collector items. You'll need to visit Tower Tunnel and Coastal Mine.
  12. Cape Manor - in this region there are 7 Collection Chests to find. Your quest to loot the chests will take you to Bainburgh village and Hendrietta's Hideaway.
  13. Cragcroftshire - there are 5 of Collection Chests in total here, some encountered in bandit camps and in Cragcroft village.
  14. Clagmar Coast - there are 5 Chests to collect here - getting some of them will require visiting bandit camps.
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