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News video games 14 August 2021, 20:19

author: Agnes Adamus

Abandoned App on PS5 Trolls Gamers

Yesterday, an app related to Abandoned was released on PS5. Its current content is limited to a few seconds of a „teaser” that was already available online.

In April this year, Abandoned, a first-person survival horror from the Blue Box Game studio, was announced. Shortly after the title's reveal, the PS5 was supposed to get an app that would introduce us to the game's world. However, after a few delays, the app debuted yesterday. The app, however, looks like an attempt to troll gamers.

It only containse a "teaser" lasting only a few seconds. Moreover, said "teaser" is the same as the one presented by the creators earlier. It only contains a shot of the floor and the legs of someone passing by. There was also information about the supposedly upcoming premiere of the trailer. This turn of events wasn't satisfactory for the gamers. Twitter was flooded with negative comments and memes referring to the situation.

The application itself suggests that new materials will be available in the future. Judging by its menu, it seems that there will be three more trailers and two gameplay demos.

It is worth keeping in mind that Abandoned still remains a big unknown. The title is supposed to tell the story of a man who wakes up in a bleak forest. The hero, after discovering that he was abducted, tries to escape. After the game's reveal, rumors started to appear saying that it is in fact a Silent Hill game by Hideo Kojima, and that the head of the Blue Box Game studio is actually just an actor.

  1. Blue Box Game - official website

Agnes Adamus

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