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News video games 05 April 2022, 13:38

author: Przemyslaw Dygas

Farce Continues; Hasan Kahraman Responds to Abandoned Allegations

Hasan Kahraman, the head of Blue Box Game Studios, assures that Abandoned is still in development. The developer has shared more details about the game.

  • The creator of Abandoned decided to dispel some doubts about the game;
  • He claims the game is still being created and before its release we will see the debut of Abandoned: Prologue;
  • It is supposed to be a small title introducing players to the world created by Blue Box.

Abandoned is a project that sparks more and more controversy. The actions of the developers have caused many people to speculate whether the project is not just one big scam.

The delay in publishing new materials from the game or attempts to arouse the interest of players by suggesting that Hideo Kojima is involved in the project would indicate this.

Recently, however, controversies related to the unpaid musician came to light, who was tasked with creating a track for the game. Eventually this situation was cleared up but it left behind a certain bad aftertaste.

However, at the same time the studio's Twitter profile started removing older posts. This action also sparked concern among players, who were waiting for information about the game.

The creator "denies the rumors".

The growing wave of problems certainly does not help the game. So this would be a good time for the developers to get busy explaining the situation. This task was undertaken by the head of Blue Box.

Hasan Kahraman gave an interview to IGN, in which he decided to dispel some doubts about the title. His statements, however, may lead viewers to completely different conclusions.

First of all, he referred to the disappearing tweets. According to Hasan, it was dictated by the desire to remove outdated information. Abandoned has undergone many changes and looks different than it was originally planned.

The creator also explained what Abandoned: Prologue is actually supposed to be. It turns out that it is not a demo, but a full-fledged, albeit smaller, title, which will go on sale alongside the main game.

Hasan Kahraman notes that it will not be a particularly large project. Prologue is supposed to provide about an hour of gameplay and be a kind of an intro to what we can expect from the full version of Abandoned. It is also supposed to introduce players to the plot of the main game.

The most interesting, however, is the reason for releasing a small part of the game as a kind of paid introduction. Hasan openly admitted that this will enable to finance the work on the studio's main project.

This would explain the constant problems of Blue Box Game and the lack of any new materials from the game. Apparently, the developers simply do not have the money to create it and have nothing to show for now.

Developer's nightmares

However, the head of the studio stated that the true reason why we still have not received any new information about Abandoned is different. Hasan is simply afraid of player reactions.

The developer said that being an independent creator he is more exposed to the negative feedback from the audience. The gane is supposed to be a personal issue for him, which further complicates the situation.

It's hard to understand Hasan's approach, though. As a matter of fact, he constantly faces negative reactions from players, which are precisely due to the lack of effective communication. Releasing some gameplay footage would probably the only way to get the situation under control.

However, the developer has stated that he finds it very difficult to choose between regularly sharing information with players and waiting for the "right moment" to reveal progress.

However, he assures that the studio will continue to develop its app, which so far turned out to be only a tool to play the already revealed teaser. The developers are to use it to publish gameplay footage after the release of Abandoned: Prologue.

It's just a misunderstanding

Hasan Kahraman also addressed other rumors regarding the title. According to him, the information that Hideo Kojima is involved in the project is not true.

The existence of elements and statements favoring this theory is supposed to be one big misunderstanding. According to Hasan, this category also includes the developers' obvious references to Silent Hill and Metal Gear Solid.

Unfortunately, we have not found out whether the connections of Blue Box Game Studios with numerous unfinished projects are also mere coincidences.



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