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News video games 26 October 2021, 20:49

author: Ness

Absurd Bug in New World has Icons „Grow” After Being Swiped Over

New World players are finding increasingly absurd graphical errors in Amazon's production. This time it's about expanding icons on the map.

New World players discover more and more absurd errors in Amazon Games' work. First, a simple exploit that guaranteed invincibility was found, then an easy way to multiply your virtual gold was discovered, and yesterday a Reddit user bragged about a new discovery.

The bug affects the icons on the world map. If the player hovers the cursor over any of the signs and moves the mouse very quickly, the symbols will begin to grow. When we move the pointer to another place, the icon will still remain in its absurdly large size.

Users on Reddit soon realized that the problem lies, like many other imperfections in New World, in faulty code, full of basic errors and omissions.

New World

New World

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