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News video games 25 October 2021, 16:52

author: Michal Ciezadlik

New World Streamer Goes Bug Hunting

New World continues to suffer from a large number of bugs of all sorts. Streamer MorrolanTV has taken on the task of tracking them down and reporting them.

  1. Streamer MorrolanTV took on the task of hunting down bugs in New World;
  2. A big part of his work is finding errors in stats and other numbers;
  3. The community praises his work, finding it measurably helpful.

"Not every hero wears a cape," goes the saying. But a hero can run a channel on Twitch and search for bugs gnawing at New World's mechanics during a live broadcast. Such a quality checker is streamer Morrolan TV.

After more than 20 hours in the game, he admits to having discovered numerous bugs, many of which relate to damage multipliers and other "numerical" aspects of the gameplay.

New World Streamer Goes Bug Hunting - picture #1

Morrolan, as he refers to himself, is best known for creating Black Desert Online content, but recently he got involved with the MMORPG from Amazon. On his channel on you can find a lot of clips showing how he tests various aspects of the game in search of possible imperfections. We can also cite the transmission, where the streamer shows broken armor statistics.

The creator's activities have not gone unnoticed in the New World community, which expressed its appreciation for him in a thread on Reddit. Quoting one of the commenters:

Highly recommend going through this guy's clips, he's been testing stats and bugs and long story short; majority of the game's numbers don't work properly, this needs more visibility, "wrote Reddit user Tevihn

It remains to wait until Morrolan's experiments are properly publicized and reach the right developer ears. The streamer has already announced that soon YouTube channel will feature a video summarizing the findings so far.

New World is available exclusively on PC. The game launched on September 28.

New World

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