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News video games 25 August 2021, 22:02

author: Christian Pieniazek

Age of Empires 4 Trailer Presents Next Civilization and Campaign

Microsoft, Relic Entertainment, and World's Edge have shown a new trailer for Age of Empires IV during GamesCom 2021. The video presents the next civilization and the next campaign.

A new gameplay trailer for Age of Empires IV was prepared for gamescom. It shows the next civilization and the next campaign to play through..

The former is the Holy Roman Empire, commonly known as the First German Reich, which continued Rome's traditions after its fall. Its strength will be upgraded buildings, prelates providing our subjects with various buffs, and powerful landsnechts.

During the Moscow Uprising, we'll construct iconic buildings and lead units such as the Moscow Riflemen and Monks, who are able to draw enemy soldiers to our side.

Age of Empires IV is coming exclusively to PC and will launch on October 28, 2021.

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