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News hardware & software 20 November 2020, 21:38

author: Paul Wozniak

Amazon Customers Get Cat Food and Massage Devices Instead of PS5

Amazon customers report that instead of the PlayStation 5 they receive parcels containing cat food and toys.

Over a week ago, PlayStation 5 launch in selected places around the world (i.e. North America, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Singpaura and South Korea). The problems with the availability of Sony's new device have been discussed from the very beginning and unfortunately not everyone was able to buy it. It turns out, that even those who have theoretically managed to purchase a PS5 cannot sleep well. The Internet reveals reports from Amazon customers, who find various things in the parceles instead of their console - for example, cat food, toys or even foot massagers.

In a statement for, Amazon has confirmed the problems with the deliveries of PlayStation 5 and promised to solve every customer's problem. It has not yet been reported what could have caused the mysterious disappearance of the consoles. Several people have reported, for example, strange behavior of couriers (driving up to the place where the package was supposed to be delivered, marking the parcel as delivered and then leaving without actually delivering it, or false information about leaving the parcel with a neighbor).

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