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News hardware & software 15 November 2019, 14:51

author: Laty

AMD Ryzen 9 3950X Reviews - New King of Performance

Here are the results of pre-release testing of AMD Ryzen 9 3950X processors, which will be available on November 25. AMD tries to fill the gap in the desktop segment by presenting an extremely powerful chipset available to common mortals.

The company from Santa Clara can consider the revolution in the CPU market to be a success.

AMD is taking bolder and bolder steps in the CPU market. Until recently, 16-core chipsets were dedicated only to HEDT platforms, and an ordinary user could only dream about them. This product is slowly blurring the line between players and developers who have always needed more efficient hardware to create new products.

The new 3rd generation Ryzen will offer 16 cores with support for up to 32 threads, which of course is reflected in the 105W TDP. As far as frequency is concerned, the base clock will be 3.5 GHz, and in boost mode it will reach even 4.7 GHz. This provides better results than any other processor in the Ryzen 3000 series available on the market. The new CPU is designed to provide much better thermal conduction, but we already know that it will require really solid cooling.

The new processor scored 34009 points in PassMark's benchmark, outperforming most of Intel's competitors, even the much more expensive Intel Xeon W-3175X processor for HEDT, which scored 33538 points. If the number of points does not seem impressive, the difference in the price of both products certainly will, because the first one is to cost 749 dollars while the second one at the time of this year's launch was available for 2999 dollars.

For comparison, we also include the results obtained by this CPU in benchmarks of other tech websites:

3D guru

Cinebench R20 (one core). Score in points - more = better.
Cinebench R20 (multiple cores). Score in points - more = better.


Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2020 - Video Processing. Score in seconds - less = better.
Corona Benchmark. Result in seconds - less = better

Unfortunately, the performance in games is no longer so perfect. That;s where the top Ryzen CPU doesn't feel so good and gives way to the fast Intel Core i7 and i9 processors. This doesn't change the fact that it's still great for gaming and we shouldn't have a problem with performance also in resolutions higher than 1080p - although it should be remembered that the GPU plays a big role in that case.

Battlefield V (1440p, graphics quality: ultra). Score in frames per second - more = better.

Whether you're rendering powerful 3D models or setting an FPS record in your favorite game, the Ryzen 9 3950X is undoubtedly one of the best and most versatile chipsets the market has ever seen. The product from AMD currently seems to create a great balance between work (requiring a lot of cores to calculate) and gaming. An additional advantage is the cooperation with even older motherboards based on the AM4 socket. The new chipset will be available on sale from November 25 at the price of USD 749

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