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Stadia's Problems With 4K - Google Responds

Jacob Blazewicz, 25 November 2019, 23:28

Google has responded to allegations about Google Stadia's problems with 4K resolution in many games. According to the company, everything depends on the game's optimization made by the developers.

Sniper Elite Devs Buy The Bitmap Brothers Along With Their IPs

Agnes Adamus, 25 November 2019, 22:47

Rebellion has taken over The Bitmap Brothers and its entire portfolio. The devs of the Sniper Elite series announce that they will port their older games to new platforms and develop new titles based on freshly acquired, classic IPs.

Rockstar's Gonna Take Us Back to Middle Ages? Rumors of New Game

Jacob Blazewicz, 25 November 2019, 22:21

What does Rockstar Games have prepared for us? If you believe the recent leaks, the studio is working on an open world game that will take us back to the Middle Ages. This would be in line with the reports from months ago about the mysterious Project Medieval.

Rumor: Activision Develops Remakes of Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 1 and 2

Agnes Adamus, 25 November 2019, 21:58

The first two installments of Tony Hawk's Pro Skater may see refreshed versions. According to the recent leaks, Activision supposedly prepared prototypes of the titles, which were sent to the employees of the studio. It's still not certain whethere it was a remake, or the demo is a starting point for a new project.

Steam Wishlist Top 10; Death Stranding Higher Than Dying Light 2

Bart Swiatek, 25 November 2019, 16:58

We present a new edition of the most popular games on Steam's wish lists. This time we noted one change, Dying Light 2 was overtaken by Death Stranding from Hideo Kojima.

Frozen 2 Cracks Competition in the Box Office

Adrian Werner, 25 November 2019, 16:55

Frozen II dominated the American box office. The production had an almost twice as good opening as the Frozen.

Netflix's Witcher - First Opinions are Very Enthusiastic

Bart Swiatek, 25 November 2019, 12:36

Some critics have already had the opportunity to see the first five episodes of The Witcher from Netflix. Everything seems to indicate that the company has delivered a very successful work, which is distinguished by great acting and excellent visuals. However, it is an adaptation that strays from the books in some places.

Quake Engine-based Shooter Wrath Launches to a Good Debut on Steam

Bart Swiatek, 25 November 2019, 11:24

Wrath: Aeon of Ruin, an FPS from the independent studio KillPixel Games, launched in Steam's early access program and is getting great reviews. The title was designed in an old-school style and uses the first version of Id Tech engine, the one used to power the original Quake.