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News video games 13 December 2016, 14:41

author: luckie

American Truck Simulator's latest update almost doubles the map size

With the latest American Truck Simulator update, the game's world is now almost twice as big. This is owing to the rescaling of the map, which resulted thousands of miles of new roads.

American Truck Simulator has got a big free update, the one promised back in June. In it, the game’s world has been rescaled from 1:35 to 1:20, which almost doubled its sizes (the roads are 75% longer outside cities, to be more precise). Thanks to that change – plus a longer day-night cycle, more accurate height profiles and re-balanced economy – the virtual North America feels bigger, has a better sense of scale and distance, and offers magnificent vistas, all of which definitely adds to the overall immersion.

The rescale update has also introduced a new city, Santa Maria, and a completely reworked Oxnard, California. Moreover, many junctions were corrected or added, along with some famous landmarks: Donner Pass, Grapevine, Kumeyaay Highway, Picachio Peak, Humphreys Peak, Cajon Pass. Apart from the world changes American Truck Simulator has also got lots of other tweaks and additions – check the complete patch notes here.

American Truck Simulator has been available for about 10 months now, letting wannabe truck drivers rove across miles of North American roads in the states of California, Nevada, and Arizona. The ultimate goal is to recreate the entire map of the USA, but that seems like some really long distance plans.

American Truck Simulator

American Truck Simulator

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