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News video games 21 May 2021, 14:28

author: Qskan

Apex Legends Community Calls for a Simple Change

A large portion of Apex Legends players want a simple change to the game, enable them to customize the color of their crosshairs.

  1. Apex Legends players are demanding that the devs add the ability to choose the color of the reticle;
  2. Until now, quite a few players have been using the colorblind mode, in which the crosshairs takes on a yellow, clear hue.

Apex Legends, which has experienced a massive surge in popularity since the start of Season 9, has, as it turns out, an interesting option that allows for easier orientation on the battlefield. All thanks to colorblind mode for players struggling with different types of color blindness. It turns out that adjusting the color palette for tritanopia (visual impairment consisting in the inability to distinguish between yellow and blue colors) can also help people with healthy eyesight. In the video below, one of the players explains how this mode works.

In a nutshell: in the default color settings mode, the crosshairs take on the color red, which can easily blend with the background, having a negative impact on our accuracy. When tritanopia mode is enabled, the crosshairs are yellow and therefore clearer. Fiddling with colorblind modes, however, is not enough for the community of Respawn Entertainment's battle royale. A post asking the developers for the option to customize reticle color has become quite popular on Reddit.

Comments from the community are in favor of this idea, especially since even with the yellow color there are some readability issues:

"Currently yellow is the best for me, but even that is hard for me to see. I wish they'd implement something like this!"

"This is really all I want out of the game ATM. Red and yellow are both hard as shit to see in a good amount of areas on all maps, let me use bright green just like I do in every other game that gives me a reticle color option."

The ability to customize the reticle is a solution known from many FPS games, such as CS:GO and Valorant. In these two titles, the option to customize the crosshairs is not limited to just the color, but also its size and shape. If Apex Legends goes down this path, it could make life a lot easier for many players.

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