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News hardware & software 29 October 2019, 12:47

author: Konrad Serafinski

Apple AirPods Pro - High Price and Flood of Memes

Apple introduced AirPods Pro. The product met with a mixed reception among potential buyers - mainly due to its price and appearance. As you can easily guess, the net is now swarming with memes.

It has evolved!

We are looking forward to the official presentation of the new wireless headphones from Apple. AirPods Pro is - as the name suggests - an improved version of the well-known model. An important difference between Pro and "normal" edition is that the new headphones are an in-ear type. Apple has also thought about interchangeable silicone inserts (which will be available in 3 types/sizes). Add to that partial waterproofing and we have a really good product. Why only partial? Even though they do not fear sweat or rain, we should't use them while swimming.

Of course, there are also more interesting features. You can learn everything about the headphones from this page. Why the title, then, and what's the big deal? As usual, Apple's items is not the cheapest. This time, however, it seems that the gentlemen and ladies responsible for pricing have overdone it a little. Apple AirPods Pro will be available on debut (October 30) for $249. I'm serious. And most interestingly, on the product page in the store, the first most important feature was "Apple-designed product". Add to that a new, innovative look and we have top-notch meme material. And since the internet doesn't forgive, there are a lot of pictures on the web laughing at the "modern" design of the headphones.

Several celebrities hopped on the parody train including Marques Brownlee, a technological influencer who compared the headphones to Pokemon, a hair dryer and a certain popular penguin. Of course, these are not the only comparisons, because other Twitter users have joined the general ridicule of the design. Here are some more interesting suggestions.

Of course, these are only memes, which are the answer to the price and appearance of new headphones. The quality of Apple's products has been at a high level for years. Probably soon we will meet people wearing AirPods Pro on the streets and no one will be surprised by this design. Still, Apples appears to be an expert at spawning memes

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