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News video games 10 October 2023, 12:19

author: Jacob Blazewicz

Battlefield 2042 Season 6 Strikes Surprisingly Dark Tones [Update]

The first trailer for the new season of Battlefield 2042 precedes its imminent launch, but before that EA DICE will show off Dark Creations gameplay and a new map.

Source: EA DICE / Electronic Arts.

Update #2

Dark Creations season has officially launched in Battlefield 2042. On Steam there are some problems when launching the game, but EA DICE is aware of them and promises a quick fix. A possible temporary solution can be found here.

Update #1 (October 5)

Monday's announcement of the sixth season in Battlefield 2042 has been supplemented with a gameplay trailer (available below), showing a close-up look at the aforementioned content that will be added to the game on October 10. You can find more information about "The Dark Experiment" here.

Original news (October 2)

We had to wait a while for it, but Electronic Arts has announced the sixth, dark season of Battlefield 2042 - Dark Creations. Some of its highlights are shown in the newly released trailer, available below.

Unfortunately, the video reveals very little about the upcoming season of BF 2042. From EA DICE's Twitter post, we know that additional gadgets and weapons will be added to the game, as well as a a new "claustrophobic" map. Nothing was mentioned about specialists.

There is also apparently official information circulating around the web (via Reddit / Insider Gaming) about three new weapons (the VHX-D3 assault rifle, the L9CZ and the G428 sniper rifle), the UV-2 Dragonfly vehicle and the option to assist allies with "thrown" first aid kits and ammo crates. Of course, players will also get a revamped Battle Pass.

It is worth mentioning that EA has announced the introduction of new safeguards against cheaters with the start of the sixth season in the form of the EA anticheat system. Details can be found in a post on Battlefield's official website.

Dark Creations will launch in Battlefield 2042 on October 10. Five days earlier, a gameplay trailer will be released, probably along with a detailed discussion of the new features in a separate article, as has been the case with previous updates.

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