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News video games 16 June 2021, 10:17

author: Przemyslaw Dygas

Battlefield 2042 Servers Will Always be Full Thanks to Bot Reinforcements

DICE confirmed that in Battlefield 2042 we will also face bots. They will be used to fill up servers so that battles are characterized by great scope regardless of the number of available players.

  • Bots will be introduced to Battlefield 2042;
  • AI-controlled enemies will occupy empty spots on the servers;
  • This is to guarantee large-scale battles even with a small number of live players.

The next few days bring new information about Battlefield 2042. During a briefing posted on YouTube, it was revealed that bots will be introduced to the game. This will help players get the experience of large-scale battles even when the server is not full. Empty spots will be occupied by AI-controlled soldiers who will serve their role until a live player replaces them.

This isn't the only case where we will face bots. Battlefield 2042 will also enable us to participate in co-op play, with live players facing off against an AI-controlled army. There will also be a solo option, where we can polish our skills or test our loadout against computer opponents.

Moreover, the creators touched on game modes, which we will be able to use. Once again, a new form of Conquest was presented, which has been adapted to maps with more players. Breakthrough and a completely new Danger Zone were also mentioned. Unfortunately, we still don't know what the last of the afore mentioned modes will consist of.

The developers have also presented the character classes available in the game and outlined the storyline. You can read the short version of Battlefield Briefing on the official website..

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