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News video games 03 January 2023, 16:16

Best Zabu Decks in Marvel Snap

With the addition of another season, a new card - Zabu - has appeared in Marvel Snap. In this guide you will read about the best decks that are based on it.

Marvel Snap is a card game in which players collect heroes as well as villains from the Marvel universe. With the arrival of another season, a battle pass with a new card - Zabu - has also appeared. In this article we will present the best decks in which it will play a key role.

Zabu action in Marvel Snap

Best Zabu Decks in Marvel Snap - picture #1

Zabu is a new card with a cost of 3 and strength 2, which is available in the latest seasonal battle pass - Savage Land. The card's ability has the following constant effect: your 4-cost cards cost 2 less (but no less than 1).. Zabu will be ideal for decks that will have a large number of 4-cost cards.

Discard Zabu Deck

This is a version of the deck in which Zabu plays an important role. Your goal will be to discard cards, which is quite easy to achieve - mainly due to the discard mechanics and the reduced cost of using all cards with a cost of 4 thanks to Zabu. Useful cards: Blade, Gambit, Lady Sif, Dracula and Hell Cow.

Discarded cards have a fair amount of synergy with the units that are in the deck. Your finisher - Apocalypse will gain 4 strength if you get rid of him personally or through an opponent (works great with Dracula). Moreover, it will then return to your hand. Morbius will gain 2 strength each time you discard a unit. Ghost Rider, on the other hand, will return one random discarded card to the table from your hand.

However, it is a good idea to start discarding cards only when Zabu comes into play or when you do not have it in your hand (under no circumstances do you want to remove it). Below is the full list:

  1. Blade
  2. Morbius
  3. Swarm
  4. Gambit
  5. Lockjaw
  6. Lady Sif
  7. Zabu
  8. Dracula
  9. Ghost Rider
  10. Wong
  11. Hell Cow
  12. Apocalypse

Control Zabu Deck

Best Zabu Decks in Marvel Snap - picture #2

This deck is all about controlling the flow of the game, creating new cards or duplicating them and reducing their cost.. Together with Zabu, Quinjet, Moongirl, White Queen and Sera, you will be able to play cards much cheaper and use them much faster. Moreover, you can easily control the situation on the table and hinder your opponent's actions with Goose, Shang-Chi, Enchantress or Spider Man.

There aren't a lot of finishers here (except Rescue and Strong Guy), your job will be to react to your opponent's plays and destroy their game plan. Below is the full list:

  1. Quinjet
  2. Goose
  3. Zabu
  4. Strong Guy
  5. Shang-Chi
  6. Enchantress
  7. Jessica Jones
  8. Moongirl
  9. Rescue
  10. Spider Man
  11. White Queen
  12. Sera

Dawid Lubczynski

Dawid Lubczynski

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