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News video games 11 July 2022, 15:49

author: Przemyslaw Dygas

BG3 - Best Bard Build

A new character class - the bard - has debuted in Baldur's Gate 3. Here you will find out what its best starter build is.

Recently, Baldur's Gate 3 has received a huge Patch 8. It introduced a whole bunch of new features to the game, including the long-awaited character class. From now on, you can play Larian Studios' RPG as a bard.

This is a rather unusual character class with much more complex skills than, say, a warrior. Here you will learn how to start developing a bard to use their full potential.

Baldur's Gate 3 - creating a bard

Despite appearances, a bard is a really versatile class. This character can both deal a lot of damage and support allies with their charisma and protect them from harmful effects. A well-composed song in Baldur's Gate 3 has truly great power.

At the same time, the bard is a character that is great for conversations. Their focus on charisma makes this class much better at convincing others.

These qualities should be taken into account when creating a hero. If you want to take full advantage of its capabilities, then it is best to choose a race that will increase your charisma. Wood Half-Elf will work well here.

This race will also allow you to increase your agility and stamina. This is important for a bard, because they can only use light or medium armor (depending on the selected subclass). Investing in the mentioned stats will therefore increase your resistance.

It is also worth choosing starting skils related to the mentioned stats. We are talking about abilities such as Acrobatics, Deception, Intimidation or Persuasion. They will help you even more during conversations and fights with opponents.

On the other hand, when assigning skill points, focus on charisma, stamina and agility. The former statistic is by far the most important for a bard.

Charisma will increase the effectiveness of your spells and the ability to inspire. Stamina and dexterity, on the other hand, are crucial, because without them, you will not be able to survive fights against powerful opponents. A bard is only effective when they support the party throughout the entire fight.

Baldur's Gate 3 - the best bard starter skills

At the first level, you will be given the opportunity to choose two basic skills (Cantrips) and four spells.

  1. Probably the best basic skills are Vicious Mockery (deals damage and reduces the enemy's chances of an effective attack) and True Strike (increases the hero's defense).
  2. Among the spells, it is worth choosing two offensive and two support spells. In the first group, it is best to get Thunderwave and Dissonant Whispers. They will allow you to deal damage from both close and long distance.
  3. Healing Word and Heroism are two support spells worth choosing at the first level. With them, you will be able to increase your party's stamina and heal its members when they take damage.

Choosing the above-mentioned skills will guarantee your character a considerable versatility. You will be able to effectively deal damage, control the battlefield by repelling enemies (Thunderwave) and then showering them with a hail of ranged attacks (Dissonant Whispers).

You will also be able to support the rest of the party. Having a hero who can heal allies (Healing Word) is always a big advantage. It's even better when it simultaneously increases their stamina (Heroism).

Even basic skils are really useful for this class. They may not deal great damage, but they will reduce enemies' effectiveness and thus make life easier for your allies.

However, keep in mind that Baldur's Gate 3 offers tremendous opportunities for character development. So it's worth experimenting and creating your own builds, which can prove to be extremely effective if you are in good tune with the rest of your party.

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