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News video games 08 July 2024, 03:18

author: Adrian Werner

Bioshock Seems Like a Dream Candidate for the Next 2K Remake. „Quiet” Work on Unannounced Game Underway

The company 2K Games is quietly developing some kind of remake. There is no shortage of opinions that this is a refreshed version of the first installment of the BioShock series.

Source: 2K Games

Developers' profiles on LinkedIn are often an excellent source of information about unannounced projects. The latest example of this is animator Brett Shupel, thanks to whom we learned that 2K Games is working on an as-yet-undisclosed remake. Many people seem to be convinced that it is a new version of the first BioShock.

BioShock Remastered was released almost eight years ago, and with remakes being popular now, it seems like a natural move for 2K Games to refresh the first installment of the series. Shupel also notes on his LinkedIn profile that he has been involved in the development of several sports games (including one that has not been announced) and the next installment of the Mafia series.

The mention of an unannounced remake is not the only noteworthy information brought by the developers' profiles on LinkedIn. Jeff Spoonhower, senior cutscene designer at 2K Cloud Chamber, announced that work on BioShock 4 is gaining momentum and the team is looking for new employees, including artists, gameplay designers, and animation and story specialists.

BioShock 4 was officially announced in 2019. However, the project then went quiet for many years. Last year, there were rumors that the game had major problems and was restarted many times. Further reports suggested that the developers finally managed to develop the right vision for the fourth part of the series, but the premiere will only take place in 2028. So expanding the team now would make sense. Similar to developing a remake that would fill the time left until the release of BioShock 4.

It's worth mentioning that a potential remake is not the only project that fans of the brand may be waiting for. The father of the series, Ken Levine, is working on the Judas game. On the occasion of the summer sale, BioShock Remastered is available for purchase on Steam for $24.49.

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