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News video games 28 December 2021, 15:48

author: Agnes Adamus

Chronicles of Myrtana Hailed as the Mod of 2021 by ModDB Community

ModDB presented a list of top 10 mods of 2021 according to users. The first spot was taken by Chronicles of Myrtana, an extensive project for Gothic 2: Night of the Raven.

ModDB has published a list of the 10 best modifications of 2021. It was created based on the votes of the website's users, who could indicate one of the 100 nominated items. On the highest step of the podium we have Chronicles of Myrtana for Gothic 2: Raven's Night.

Chronicles of Myrtana - Archolos is an ambitious mod which adds a new story campaign to Gothic 2, which should provide about 60 hours of fun. Within it, we can perform over 170 quests and encounter 1400 NPCs. In addition, mod adds to the game new mechanics, not present in the original version of the game.

Work of Polish creators met with great interest from the community. It has been downloaded more than 100 thousand times on Steam alone, and at the peak moment of the day 9 thousand people were playing in it at the same time, so it is not shocking that the mod was appreciated.

The full list of the top 10 mods of 2021 is as follows:

  1. 1st place: The Chronicles of Myrtana for Gothic 2: Night of the Raven;
  2. 2nd place: Black Mesa: Blue Shift for Black Mesa;
  3. 3rd place: Command and Conquer: Generals Evolution for C&C: Red Alert 3;
  4. 4th place: SIGNAL LOST to Half-Life;
  5. 5th place: Rise of the East for C&C: Yuri's Revenge;
  6. 6th place: Dark Interval for Half-Life 2;
  7. 7th place: VTMB Unofficial Patch for Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines;
  8. 8th place: X-Ray Multiplayer Extension for S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call of Pripyat;
  9. 9th place: The End of Days for C&C: Generals Zero Hour;
  10. 10th place: Ashes 2063 to Doom 2.

A brief description of each mod can be found in the video below.

Agnes Adamus

Agnes Adamus

On paper, a medical physicist. In reality, however, a humanist who has loved games since childhood. With this passion, she decided to try her hand at writing for a broader audience. She has been affiliated with Gamepressure since 2017. She started in the guides, now mainly writing for the newsroom, encyclopedia and marketing. Self-proclaimed specialist in free-to-play games. She loves strategy, simulators, RPGs and horror games. She also has a soft spot for online games. She has spent an immodest amount of hours in Dead by Daylight and Rainbow Six: Siege. In addition, she also enjoys watching horror movies (the worse they are, the better) and listening to music. Her greatest passion, however, is trains.


Gothic II: The Chronicles of Myrtana - Archolos

Gothic II: The Chronicles of Myrtana - Archolos

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