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News video games 27 March 2023, 15:48

author: Michal Serwicki

Comparison of Diablo 4 and 3 - What Players Noted

Diablo 4 beta is coming to an end. Social media and forums are flooded with waves of excitement, but there is also no shortage of criticism about what Blizzard still needs to improve. Many gamers evaluate the latest installment compared to Diablo 3, and it's this aspect that we're highlighting this time.

Technological changes are most easily seen by comparison. In the world of video games and digital entertainment, we most often compare console generations or successive installments of a single series.

Changes are particularly noticeable and surprising when two installments of a series are separated by many years. Technological progress and the capabilities of computers or consoles are increasing, which enables the developers to polish a new title and surprise players with graphics, gameplay and sheer quality. Of course, the gaming world has repeatedly shown that newer does not necessarily mean better, and it is worth remembering this in the face of upcoming releases and numerous updates.

Diablo 3 and Diablo 4 are separated by 11 years and although the latest installment will not be fully playable until this June, many changes compared to the previous installment can already be seen..

Higher quality and more detail

What can be seen? The first thing that strikes the eye is a definite improvement in visuals. Although the Diablo 3 was also significantly different from second game, we can also talk about the upcoming part's astonishing progress.

Players have noticed a huge change already at the very stage of character creation.

  1. The wizard looks very good, and the character models are realistic and full of detail.
  2. In the third installment of the series, except for choosing the gender of our hero, we did not have any influence on the character's appearance.
  3. At one time, after all, even this option was a significant novelty.
  4. In contrast, Diablo 4 draws handfuls from Diablo Immortal, giving back to the player a plethora of options to create the character of their dreams.
Comparison of Diablo 4 and 3 - What Players Noted - picture #1
One hell of a difference, and this is just the beginning; Source: Blizzard Entertainment

Darkness and a return to the roots

Diablo 3 at one time was criticized for being "too bright and colorful a world," which according to fans contradicted the brand's main premise. Of course, it was dark and dangerous in places, but many players admit that the right atmosphere appeared only with the Reaper of Souls DLC.

As a result, Blizzard has since the announcement of Diablo 4 declared a great return to the dark atmosphere and solutions more familiar from the second installment. Many players connected these promises with considerable hopes and should not feel disappointed.

Comparison of Diablo 4 and 3 - What Players Noted - picture #2
Beginnings can be... multicolored; Source: Blizzard Entertainment

The new Diablo is dark, serious and dangerous. From the first moments it is clear that in this title we will not encounter any candies, and the atmosphere will be heavy. The toning down of colors also hit the taste of players.

Fans of the series praise the departure from too rich color palette and the very well-designed locations, which are atmospheric and fit perfectly into the game's heavy narrative. Diablo 4 at every step reminds us that we are dealing with a horror, and that we are not here to explore, but to defeat the evil and, above all, survive.

Exploration and open world over linearity

In addition to complaints about too vivid colors in the third installment, a large part of users lacked an open world.

  1. Linearity and leading the protagonist by the hand effectively disturbed players who remembered the system known from the second part of the game.
  2. Diablo 4 on the other hand abandons linearity, enabling the players to explore and decide what they want to do and in what order within the current location.

The world grows with us

While exploration and the abandonment of linearity are perceived by most players as a plus, the new system of growing world levels has divided fans immensely. In Diablo 4 our opponents scale up with us all the time.

Some players believe that this type of solution presents us with constant challenges, while others claim that through this system the game will become monotonous, and we will not at all feel the progression of characters and power, which in Diablo 3 enabled us to enjoy the final stages of the game.

Comparison of Diablo 4 and 3 - What Players Noted - picture #3
It's important not to lose your head during beta testing; Source: Blizzard Entertainment

Emotional combat and once again quality improvements

However, player complaints can be considered valid when we consider that the Diablo 4 combat was the most praised element during beta testing.

  1. Fans of the series were ecstatic about the feel of eliminating enemies, and how the shaky screen only enhanced the experience.
  2. Also noteworthy are the animations, which have gained in quality since the third installment - effects such as setting enemies on fire or freezing them. have become clearerwhich makes murdering hordes of enemies, the main element of Blizzard's hack'n'slash, even more interesting.

Players are divided

In many places on the Internet we can find comments and opinions of players from the beta tests of Diablo 4. It can be seen that although the game has clearly evolved compared to Diablo 3, there are a lot of elements that have not necessarily hit the tastes of players. However, there are aspects that everyone evaluates on the plus side. These include:

  1. improved graphics,
  2. change of scenery,
  3. steering the game towards bloody horror combined with dark fantasy.

The combat system, although praised, has its share of problems - these stem from the scaling of the world and character progression.

Although the release of Diablo 4 is still more than two months away, we can already confidently talk about the significant development in the series. The changes can be seen with the naked eye, and the atmosphere reflects the darkness for which the brand has become famous. The fourth installment of Blizzard's hack'n'slash, despite criticism, enters a new level of gameplay, but at the same time does not forget about players who look back with nostalgia to games that years ago went down in the history of video games.

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